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    Personalized Crystal Grids

    A crystal grid is a predefined set of multiple crystals arranged in a harmonic sacred geometric relationship.  This combination and arrangement of crystals works synergistic to converts and focuses the external energy which impinges upon it in a variety of forms (e.g. sound, light, electromagnetism) into a unified energy field tuned to a particular need or requirement. 

    The unified energy field that is created allows for vibrational interactions of crystal energies with the aura, spirit, and mind of the human body consistent with the prescribed healing and wellness design.

    Crystal Grids yield amazing energy and power and, when used in in tandem with your Soul's unique 'blueprint' and path, it creates a special customized energy matrix that embraces, and empowers your journey in this life time.

    A 'Crystal Grid' or Sacred Geometry Crystal Grid is a way to arrange the stones in a sacred geometric pattern. They are then consciously activated by connecting a line of Light between the stones so that they radiate an energy field in the immediate environment in which they are constructed.

    Those of you who are sensitive to energy will be able to tell immediately that there is a shift of energy in the room where you construct a Grid. Depending on which stones I choose for your personal crystal healing, there will either be a gentle shift… or a very quick and tangible one.

    When I create a personalized crystal grid for you, I do so according to your photo or a video of you and the energy that I read from your Auras and Chakras. I will also balance and enhance the astrological energies of your sun, moon, and rising sign in both your natal and progressed chart, as both work as a team for you. My customized crystal grids are a powerful addition to your home office, alter at home, or where ever you travel!

    Included is an intuitively guided Reiki crystal grid created just for you, in which full spectrum light healing will be infused. It will also include your custom abundance stone as well as any intuitive/channeled messages that come through for you as the grid is being created.

    Crystal healing is an ongoing process of renewal.  I create and customize crystal gemstone grids for all situations requiring love and Divine light. Grids are built upon request for specific needs as well. Please e-mail with questions you may have. Total cost is agreed upon and determined by the number of stones, type of stones, and my time to create it. Shipping is additional.

    Crystal Grids For Pets & Animals

    Crystal Healing is a gentle way to send healing and love to your animal companion and is a wonderful and non-invasive way to provide relaxation, allowing your companions to heal more quickly.  Animals, being very spiritual, respond well to Reiki Healing!  If it is their time, this loving energy will provide peace and comfort during their transition.

  • Customized Crystal Grids

    Service Fee Order
    Personalized Crystal Grid $239.99
    Personalized Pet Crystal Grid $239.99
  • How Are Personalized Crystal Grids Created?

    Crystal grids are created by placing a variety of stones in a pattern, with a specific purpose, intention, or goal. The stones must be cleansed prior to arranging them in your desired pattern. 

    Stating your intention for your grid followed by a short prayer of gratitude is extremely helpful.  The grid should be placed in an area in which it will not be disturbed by pets or small children.

    There are many uses for crystals, but there are two methods that most healers use within their healing practices, they are called grids and layouts. Grids are designed by using a number of crystals either the same or different and placing them within a geometric shape or form. These geometric shapes create unique energy fields. Every single crystal has an energy influence, but when crystals are used in a grid we find that each crystal has an innate energy through the stones around it. 

    Crystal grids are used to help obtain an intended goal. They are more powerful than using a single stone ,because they are energetically connected to each other and communicate with each other. In this way they work together to amplify, transmute or modify energy.

    Crystal grids can be placed on or around a person, place or thing. In self healing crystal grids can be placed in areas where we spend allot of time such as our bed or work space. Grids can be used from everything from boosting the immune system, making a medicine wheel or to obtaining love and prosperity.

    Once your grid is assembled and you have stated the intention and gratitude, the grid should be “activated.”   You can activate your grid by using a single terminated clear quartz, pointed downward over the center stone, then moving the quartz over all of the other stones. This task is similar to “connecting the dots.” This task connects the outer stones with the center or master stone.

    Before you disassemble your grid to move it or use the stones for something else, say a prayer of thanks. It is always a good idea to cleanse the stones prior to reusing them.

    * Crystal grids are not meant as a replacement for traditional medical care or a medical diagnosis.

  • Manifest Your Soulmate Crystal Grid - Seed Of Life

    Manifest Your Soulmate Crystal Grid

    Crystals and Gemstones aligned with the Soul intention to help you manifest your soulmate! Using the blended love energies of Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite and Golden Rutile around the magnificent center focal stone; a soul twin Brazilian quartz cluster.

    Healing Crystal Grids can be used in meditation space or as decorative art and will bring their own unique healing vibrations to people and the environment they are placed in.

    Metaphysical Aspects of the Crystals & Gemstones

    • Soul Twin Crystal
      These crystals can generate very positive energy towards attracting and improving relationships.
    • Rhodochrosite
      Has a strong, but gentle, loving energy. Good for relationships, and for those who feel unloved. Also said to be a good stone for attracting a soul mate.
    • Rose Quartz
      Known as the ‘Love stone’ and the stone of unconditional love. It can support you in learning how to love yourself and how to receive love from someone else.
    • Golden Rutile Quartz
      As all quartz crystal types, rutilated are strong amplifiers, enhancing the energies of the stones and crystals around them. When used with intention, they can bring through intense energy and healing vibrations for manifestation work.
  • Manifest Your Soulmate

    Service Fee Order
    Manifest Your Soulmate Crystal Grid $149.99
  • Angelic Connection Crystal Grid

    Experience this uplifting and loving Healing Crystal Grid designed to help you connect with your angels. Using delicate blue shaded Celestite, Brazilian quartz pieces and a single terminated point to channel and focus the energy. Celestite is also a great stone to enhance your spiritual and psychic gifts.

    Metaphysical Aspects of the Crystals & Gemstones


    • Celestite
      Derives its name from the celestial and as so represents its ability to connect with the angelic realms. It can offer help for anxiety and stress by offering the vibrations of harmony and inner peace. A great crystal to connect with your spirit guides also. Perfectly suited to meditation and Reiki practices where connection with higher realms is desired. Aligns the throat and third eye chakras.
    • Clear Crystal Quartz
      Known as the stone of the mind, crystal quartz can enhance the vibrational qualities of others stones and metals around it. It can also do the same for energy and thought and is used frequently for purification and the amplification of intention. Clearing, cleansing and healing are also common uses. When wrapped with copper or other metals, its frequency is boosted and the movement of energy more focused.
  • Angelic Connection

    Service Fee Order
    Angelic Connection Crystal Grid $149.99
  • Wealth & Prosperity Crystal Grid - Metatron's Cube

    Wealth & Prosperity Crystal Grid [Metatron’s Cube]

    Crystals and gemstones aligned with intention to bring emotional, physical or spiritual Wealth & Prosperity into your life. This beautiful healing grid is aligned with intention to bring emotional, physical or spiritual Wealth & Prosperity into your life! The blended manifesting energies of the large Chrysoprase focal stone with the green Peridot and amber Citrine create a united intention to bring forward abundance. This may include the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional planes.

    Metaphysical Aspects of the Crystals & Gemstones

    • Chrysoprase
      Attuned to the energy of manifestation, and abundance and prosperity especially when used with golden gemstones. Aligned with the healing Green Ray, it holds the vibration of love, joy and happiness.
    • Citrine
      Known as the “Merchant’s Stone” it brings abundance and stability to your finances. Helps achieve goals and is a very good stone to have around you in a business or work environment.
    • Peridot
      Has an affinity towards manifesting wealth, money and abundance.
      Attuned to the heart to increase your emotional, spiritual or financial abundance.
  • Wealth & Prosperity Crystal Grid

    Service Fee Order
    Wealth & Prosperity Crystal Grid $149.99
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