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  • Shamanic Ancestral Healing (Spiritual Ancestral Healing - Healing Ancestral Lineage - Shaman Healing Ancestral Karma)

    Shamanic Ancestral Healing [Spiritual Ancestral Healing - Healing Ancestral Lineage - Shaman Healing Ancestral Karma]

    Healing Your Ancestral Patterns Clearing & Healing Ancestral Lineage

    "We are the dreams of our Ancestors..." and they are also our nightmares. All that remains unresolved in your ancestral line, the violence, injustice, and suffering, has impact on your life today.

    It is the job of the ancestors to remember and the job of the living to change and heal. You and your extended family are the only means by which the ancestors can heal and they are using you to heal in this moment. These are times when ancestral work is necessary by an ancestral healing shaman, for a client to move forward on his/her path.

    I can communicate with your ancestors and offer healing or to be a bridge for information from your ancestors to you. Types of healing that occur with ancestral work include the lifting of family curses (negative energy or negative binding rituals), removal of unhealthy contracts, healing a deceased soul or group of souls in the family line, and assisting the client in the completion of any unfinished business.

    In this journey, you will have the opportunity to heal your ancestral line from past to present.  Just as individual souls carry experience from one lifetime into another, families do as well, and when we, the newest members of our family line enter life, we agree to bear and hopefully resolve at least some of those persistent issues.  Notice how many problems are said to run in families: obesity, addiction, depression, cancer, arthritis, heart disease, and so on.

    Do you find that you exhibit the same fears and inhibitions as your parents or grandparents?  These can be examples of ancestral imbalance. Rest assured, Shamanic Ancestral Healing is a potent healing modality used by shamans across many continents for many centuries.

    ☑ Seeing

    First you must learn to see the patterns of ancestral energy for what they are. This is very tricky. These patterns are part of what defines "normal" for you. They have been with you since the moment of your conception. They are not you, but they feel like you. You must learn to see them to be able to change them.
    ☑ Being

    Next we look at who you are "being" in the moment. Where is your energy going? What is it creating? The energy of your ancestors is woven into the fabric of your life in two distinct ways. There is the way in which they stand behind you to support you in manifesting your soul's purpose. There is also the way in which they stand in front of you, blocking you with all that remains unhealed and using your mental, emotional, and physical health to heal it. Here, I will look at what needs to heal in the ancestral line and how to heal it.
    ☑ Becoming

    Finally, we ask, "What are you here to become?" You are part of the Universe dreaming itself into awareness. Your "original medicine" comes from this Dreaming and it resonates with the true song of your soul. How are you to use what you have learned from your ancestors, both the light and the dark, to guide you in living out your soul's unique purpose? How do you feed and nurture your connection with the Ancestors who support you on your life's path?

    Email Shamanic Ancestral Healing Session  -  1 Hour Shamanic Ancestral Healing Session (w/Photo)

    Each Shamanic Ancestral Healing Session purchased includes a personally prescribed healing crystal (type of crystal and it's healing properties to be determined after your session according to your personal Chi/Life-Force Energy's needs for perpetual healing). Your personalized pocket-sized crystal will be sent to your physical mailing address immediately after your Shamanic Ancestral Healing Session is complete.


    Distance healings are extremely powerful as energy is not bound by time or space. It can be felt across the Universe at anytime, anywhere. My healing abilities are enhanced in a deep, meditative trance-like state. This why my energy healing sessions are *NOT* done by phone, chat, or in person.

    In my energy healing and transformative sessions, I utilize a variety of healing modalities including Shamanic Reiki, traditional Reiki, aura repair, chakra balancing, soul retrieval and recovery, karmic cleansing, and soul possession clearing.

    Tip:  Tell your family secrets. This might seem counter-intuitive, but secrets perpetuate unhealthy and destructive patterns within families and can be healed by an ancestral healing shaman.

    After your Shamanic Ancestral Healing Session

    It is always good to seal the work you do in non-ordinary reality with a real world ritual or ceremony.  Make a bundle of things that represent people in your family who were affected by the pattern you are releasing (particularly those who appeared in the journey).  Photocopies of old photographs, funeral cards, a letter, newspaper article or a trinket are typical examples.

    Add to the bundle things that represent what needs to be released.  Copies of medical records or death certificates, a replica of a war medal or symbol of your ancestors’ life work, a label from a favored alcoholic beverage, a cigarette pack, etc. might signify the specific family issue.  

    Sprinkle in items that represent what your ancestors wish they had left behind (eg., sweetness, love, hope).  You might use for instance, sugar, dried rose petals or some religious talisman.  When you have completed your bundle, tie it securely and find a place in nature that will willingly accept and transmute it.

    Likely places are a body of water, a crevice in the rocks, a hollowed out tree, a hole in the ground.  Offer the bundle at the time of the full moon.  Leave an offering of tobacco, lavender, corn, or another token of thanks to the elements and nature spirits that were willing to accept your bundle.

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