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  • Distance crystal healing

  • Distance crystal healing

    Distance crystal healing is done when an energy healer is not occupying the same space as the patient. They can be in two different rooms or two different states, countries or continents. The concept works on the same premise as intention. It is like saying a prayer.

    Distance Crystal Reiki Healing sessions are perfect for those who are looking for personal crystal prescriptions and healing crystal recommendations that are congruent and aligned with their personal Chi (Life Force) energy. It is my belief that all healing energy is drawn from a universal energy Source. If you choose to use distant Crystal Healing or another specific crystal healing modality, you connect to this universal Source and then tune to a specific vibration, just as you would tune your radio to a specific station.

    I’m often asked if it is acceptable to send healing energy without the recipient’s permission. Ideally, you will have permission and communication so that you can receive feedback about the energy you’ve sent. But, there are some instances when this is not possible. If you are unable to receive permission, I believe that it is perfectly fine to send healing energy for the recipient’s highest good. My opinion is that if it is not something that will benefit them or it is not in their highest good, their energy field will simply not accept it.

    Anyone can benefit from the subtle energies of distance crystal healing, but it is not meant as a substitute for seeking medical advice from a qualified medical practitioner.  Therefore, if you are in any doubt about a medical condition you should consult your doctor in the first instance.

  • How Remote Crystal Healing Works

    There is a common tendency to think of remote crystal healing work as requiring great effort as though you have to personally throw the energy across the distance. In fact it requires no more effort to send healing energies across the ocean than it requires to send it through my hands as I touch  someone, or as I place crystals on them or do other Reiki work. Just as in direct crystal healing, I activate energy or use crystals and allow the healing effect and subtle vibrations of the crystals and stones to flow to where they are needed.

    I enjoy using crystals during distance crystal healing sessions for my clients. I will do this by laying them out just as I would if the person were in my office for a session. Each time I choose and place a crystal, I set forth a specific, focused intention for what I would like to accomplish. I like to use  Clear Quartz  since it is known as the "Master Healer" and can amplify energy and intention.

    If I'm working on bringing in more love, I would use Rose Quartz. For removal of negativity and added protection, I would choose Black Tourmaline. If there are blocks that prevent prosperity and abundance, I might decide to work with Pyrite.  Goldstone is a good choice use during distance healing sessions since it can help facilitate the transmission of energy. If I plan to send healing for extended period of time rather than just during one session, I’ll recommend and create a crystal grid for you. Grids are a great way to send and maintain extended distance healing energy!

  • Crystal Prescriptions

    The A-Z Guide to over 1200 symptoms & their healing crystals by Judy Hall. This symptom-based A-Z directory by Judy Hall, author of the best-selling The Crystal Bible, will help you to identify exactly the right crystal for your needs, whether it be for healing mind, body, psyche or spirit, and will point you to useful stones for improving vitality and well-being, and for balancing the chakras.  Listing over 1200 'symptoms', it is a practical first-aid guide based on sound crystal healing principles that have been practiced for millennia.  Crystals are a gentle, non-invasive system of holistic healing with no side effects.  Suitable for children and animals, crystals can also benefit the environment and your home.

  • Distance Crystal Healing

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