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  • Shamanic Soul Retrieval For Soul Loss (Soul Stealing-Soul Retrieval)

    Shamanic Soul Retrieval For Soul Loss (Soul Stealing-Soul Retrieval)

    Retrieve lost or stolen soul parts which have left the body due to shock, loss, trauma or pain. You may need this to conquer your mental imbalances that you feel sometimes, fears  and other phobias.

    Soul Stealing/Soul Loss

    Our personal energy or essence can also be given away, consciously or unconsciously, and even taken away by another, especially when we are not well protected or have sustained a lot of soul loss. For instance, we offer others some of our essence when our heart goes out to them or we reach out and offer them a hand.

    When we offer our support, we are literally fueling another's life with our energy. If this is done briefly, and just long enough for the other person to gather his or her own energy to use, it is appropriate.

    But if you move into pity or control a codependent role, or forget that you have opened an energy channel to another, you can become drained. Your personal energy is now being used other than for your own personal being.

    Signs of soul loss can include:


    • Physical or psychological trauma and/or PTSD like symptoms
    • Experiencing feelings of dissociation, particularly in otherwise functional people
    • Feeling disconnected from life or feeling like you can’t connect to things or people
    • Feeling a sense of numbness or disconnection from your own body
    • Feeling a lack of wholeness or that some part of self is missing
    • Feelings of depression and/or anxiety
    • A feeling of being incomplete or empty inside
    • An inability to move past an issue or certain feelings
    • Low Self-Esteem or feelings of insecurity
    • Feeling stuck or unable to create desired changes in your life
    • Having memories or experiences that have caused you to feel you lost a part of yourself or some part has died
    • Needing to return to a relationship or a situation that is unhealthy even when you know it is unhealthy for you
    • Lost or missing memories, like a part of your history is “missing”
    • Patterns of addiction and co-dependence
    • Having a sense that shamanic healing may be beneficial for you      

    One of the main practices to treat soul-loss is soul retrieval, during which time the shaman supports the client in reconnecting with their lost parts that are ready to return.   After a shamanic healing session, people typically report such things as, “I feel more alive”, “I feel more positive about life” or “I feel a sense of wholeness.”

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    Distance healings are extremely powerful as energy is not bound by time or space. It can be felt across the Universe at anytime, anywhere. My healing abilities are enhanced in a deep, meditative trance-like state. This why my energy healing sessions are *NOT* done by phone, or chat.

    In my energy healing and transformative sessions, I utilize a variety of healing modalities including Shamanic Reiki, traditional Reiki, aura repair, chakra balancingsoul retrieval and recovery, karmic cleansing, and soul possession clearing.

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