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  • Transformation and Change

    It's not a big deal to make mistakes, it's only a big deal to not learn from them. If we learn from them, they are no longer mistakes, they are reminders. Ego is often blind to this, but our souls crave the transformation and change.

    Being a heart based and soul based being allows humility, self - observation, expansion, growth and transcendence of artificial programmings, hidden agendas and distortions that keep us trapped. It allows the guidance of our higher self to be heard.

    To do this, release yourself of caring about what others think and release yourself from trying to uphold some identity you have projected upon yourself, that makes you rigid and in need of being right or perfect.

    Be as real with yourself and others and you can possibly be and the old issues, anxieties and past trauma triggers will begin to fall away, making room for bliss, breakthroughs and a deeper sense of security and peace.

    This then allows abundance and magic to flow again, bringing synchronicities and new opportunities that are more in alignment to the true you, rather than the you who lives a facade, runs away from the inner work and where's masks, while hiding pain and a strong need to break free and fully be ones authentic and genuine self...

    Without diving into the real stuff, how can we expect an honest reflection from life?