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  • Shamanic Shadow Integration Work (Shadow Self - Embracing Your Inner Darkness)

    Shamanic Shadow Integration Work (Shadow Self - Embracing Your Inner Darkness)

    If you’re truly honest about self-exploration during your soul journey, you will come across many aspects and traits about yourself that you will find difficult – if not completely disturbing – to accept. Do you want to learn how to truly love and accept who you are?

    Embracing the Shadow Self

    Our journey of Self-Exploration is a bit like Dante’s Inferno. Before making our way out of “hell” we must walk through the depths of our inner darkness. Many religions symbolize these experiences well. Two famous examples include the case of Jesus who had to face Satan in the desert, and Buddha’s encounter with Mara (the Buddhist Satan) before his “awakening”.

    When I write about embracing or integrating your shadow self, I do not mean to indulge in any desire that arises within you. Indulging your anger for instance, will simply result in more anger. By embracing your inner darkness I mean that it is necessary for you to “accept” it.

    Accepting your darkness will allow you to take responsibility for yourself, and once you truly acknowledge one of these dark traits instead of avoiding them, suddenly, they will stop having control over you.

    By being honest with ourselves and accepting our shadow elements, it frees us up to truly witness the uncharted areas of our minds, allowing us to see that we are not these elements, but simply possess thoughts, feelings and drives that come and go. You cannot simply go “beyond hatred” if first you don’t admit to yourself that you do in fact possess hateful feelings.

    To completely experience Self-Love we must learn to experience our Shadow Selves, and voyage into the dark, murky waters of the unknown courageously. Otherwise, every time we condemn other people for their shadow traits, we’re in essence condemning our hypocritical selves in the process.

    Email Shamanic Shadow Integration Work - 1 Hour Remote Shamanic Shadow Integration Healing Email Session (w/Photo)

    Each Shamanic Shadow Integration Session purchased includes a personally prescribed healing crystal (type of crystal and it's healing properties to be determined after your session according to your personal Chi/Life-Force Energy's needs for perpetual healing--and can be recharged at any time). Your personalized pocket-sized crystal will be sent to your physical mailing address immediately after your Shamanic Shadow Integration Work is complete.


    Distance healings are extremely powerful as energy is not bound by time or space. It can be felt across the Universe at anytime, anywhere. My healing abilities are enhanced in a deep, meditative trance-like state. This why my energy healing sessions are *NOT* done by phone, or chat.

    In my energy healing and transformative sessions, I utilize a variety of healing modalities including Shamanic Reiki, traditional Reiki, aura repair, chakra balancing, soul retrieval and recovery, karmic cleansing, and soul possession clearing.

  • Shamanic Shadow Integration Work

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