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  • Healing Etheric Cords: Metaphysical cords of astral and etheric energy can be created between two people

    Healing Etheric Cords

    Healing Etheric Cords - [Repairing, Reconnecting, Replacing, Rebuilding Etheric Cords] Reiki Healing Etheric Cord Connections by Email]

    Get Help Repairing the damage and reprogramming Etheric cords!! Reclaim your energy with a Reiki Healing Etheric Cord Session from a Positive Cord Repair Reiki Master (Karuna Reiki or Usui Reiki Cord Reconnecting)

    Cords can be created between any two people or even groups of people that have emotional relationships. Friends, workmates, enemies can all have cords. They can be used by entities and other dimensional beings to connect with us and drain our energy.

    A cord is basically a connection between the astral and etheric bodies of two or more beings which allows for an exchange of emotional and/or etheric energy.

    Dark or stuck energy often appears as a thick brown or black cloud in the aura or body of a person. It is simply an area where not enough energy or life force (light) is flowing through.

    Expert Etheric Cord Healing

     Healing Etheric Cord Connections uses a developmental map of the chakras to show how each particular chakra grows sequentially, as we evolve from a prenatal infant self into a spiritually-aware and individuated adult. A vital aspect of the auric field structure that makes this growth possible can be found in the phenomenon of chakra cords. We are all familiar with the umbilical cord that connects us to our mother prior to birth. Chakra cords are the invisible connecting links we have to those people who are important to us, or upon who we come to depend for our survival or self-identity.

    To the psychic vision these cords appear as fine and transparent filaments capable of transmission or reception of our energetic connections. When seen energetically they look similar to the tendrils of a jellyfish. Sometimes this flow goes both ways (as in a healthy and mutually-supportive relationship), and other times the flow is mostly one-way, draining one of the individuals.

    The age of the cords is also a factor in relational energy healing. Aged cords are often tarnished with the accumulation of unresolved feelings or difficult memories, much in the way jewelry becomes encrusted with stains from lack of care, or use. Tarnished cords restrict the vitality of our lives by keeping us “hooked” into old relationships long in need of restoration, or resolution. By cleaning cords, and by also engaging in personal process work, we can come to release the grip of the past, and move fully into the present and create a more desirable future for ourselves.

  • How Relational Chakra Cord Work Helps Us Heal

    Cord healing can assist you when you release energetic splits, conflicts, or other negative influences held within particular cords and their associated organs. The reparative healing concept of Healing Etheric Cord Connections holds that once the obstructive or life-negating issue is resolved it triggers the return of the natural growth of the chakra. This will reset the healthy relational needs of the client. Many times this will result the client’s relationships beginning to change. Some relationships may even fall away. The new pattern will make new options, or types of relationships, possible.

    Change and transformation is about evolving towards the empowered and choice-driven individual. Reaction is replaced with response; choice replaces compulsion or addiction. Then we will grow closer towards our life goals, and towards our soul longing. We can choose to drop the pain of the past, and to embrace a creative and exciting present. We can learn to consciously participate in our own evolutionary unfolding.

  • Relational Energy Healing/Relationship Cord Reconnecting - Repairing the Soulmate Connection

    With Whom Should We Repair Cords? You can repair the cords with any person whom you wish to reform a previous bond with. This is to say anyone who sends you strong energy and who ENHANCES your thoughts and emotions even when you are alone. If you wish to REUNITE with a person you can repair and re-establish the connection by REPLACING the etheric cords that attached the both of you originally.

    The close relationships that you have can often create an energetic connection (psychic energy cords) between you and the other person, whether it be a sibling, parent, ex-spouse or lover, child, close friend or work colleague, or even your current spouse or partner.

    The reason why people repair cords with others is to generally restore a relationship and reunite with them energetically - this means on an energy level. People who we are close to form energetic bonds with us that resemble cords of energy that link one person to the other. These are etheric cords, so think of ether as a kind of energy.

    Those who have seen the cords (and often we can see them in meditation for example) describe them as dark in color. The bonding itself can be light with just a slim cord, or you can be corded heavily with another through your chakras and can have multiple thick cording that literally shows your attachment, either mentally,emotionally, sexually, or all of the above.

  • The Process of Reiki Healing Cord Reconnecting & Repair - (Karuna Reiki or Usui Reiki Cord Cutting)

    Reiki Cord Healing (healing etheric cords or astral cords) is done in conjunction with our loving Angels and Spirit Guides, who surgically repair the etheric cords that bind, reconnecting them completely from our auric field. Whilst it is our angels who do the work for us of replacing and healing, our job is to ASK them to do so. We can't just assume our angels 'know' we want our cords healed and reconnected. Angels cannot intervene unless we invite them to do so, therefore we must actually ask or invoke our angels and guides into action. Etheric Cord Repair is a 1 Hour Remote Reiki Session Soulmate/Relational Healing of Etheric Cords between two people.

  • Healing Etheric Cords

    Healing Etheric Cords Connection (1 Hour Remote Reiki Session)$149.99
  • Etheric Cord Healilng


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