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    Psychic Text Readings/Psychic Text Chat/SMS Psychic Readings

    Text Psychic Readings - Text Psychic

    Need fast psychic text readings? Find the psychic text reading flat rates below for personal psychic text readings and receive a text psychic reading reply in 1 hour or less! When you purchase a psychic text reading you may text me immediately at (719) 629-7123.

    Need a quick psychic text reading with no per minute fees? Fast psychic text readings and psychic text chat is offered 7 days a week and on Holidays.

    Please remember to include in your text: a) Your Name b) Birth-date (and name/birth-dates of anyone other than yourself that you may be asking about) c) Your Question!

    SMS Psychic Readings Text Psychic Readings

    If you order a psychic text reading between 7am and Midnight Mountain Time (Colorado) you will receive an instant reply (within 5 minutes up to 1 hour--depending upon where I am or if I am already on an appointment at the time you text).

    If you order a text reading and text me between Midnight MT and 7am...you will likely not receive a reply until after 7am MT. But it's absolutely possible! USA & CANADA ONLY PLEASE. For friends overseas please order the $20 email reading instead.

  • Text Psychic Reading Fee Order
    Psychic Text Reading (1 Question- 1 Reply) $20
    Psychic Text Reading (2 Questions) $40
    Psychic Text Reading (3 questions) $60
    Pre-Paid Text Questions Per Month (Max 35 text questions) $499.99
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