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  • Follow your heart

    Within each of us lies a voice that speaks to us. This is not audible, it communicates through our feelings and may be felt deep within our solar plexus and our hearts; it is known as our “gut feeling.” You may have heard of it referred to as your “sub-conscious mind.”

    When you choose to ignore it, it becomes that “nagging” feeling; you know, the one that just won’t go away?

    Since birth you have been conditioned to listen to others and to pay attention to your thinking, logical mind. Yet your inner voice has far more wisdom than your thinking mind, for it speaks from your higher self, and this my friends, knows you better than you know your very self.

    So, when faced with choices, decisions and opportunities, do not over-think them, merely let them go and allow yourself to “feel” what is right. Trust yourself, for you really do know more than you could possibly ever imagine.