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    Spiritual Guidance and counseling helps you learn about your own spirituality and spiritual gifts as well as communicate with your soul. Understanding and learning about ourselves is spiritual enlightenment. How we use what we can see within ourselves, is spiritual awareness.

    How we use what we ultimately learn, that helps us to create new paths of destiny and new relationships-- is spiritual growth. This website gives you many opportunities to incorporate your own personal Spiritual awareness, and a higher communication with your soul and the universe, into your life.

    I invite you to explore a private session with me, offered to you for your spiritual growth and personal understanding. Consultations with me will enrich your intimate relationships, restore your physical vitality and create balance in your life.

    Passion is a word that is often misunderstood. I encourage you to reclaim this energy and use it to empower and enhance your day to day reality. It is my passion to teach a way of life that honors the body, heart, mind and soul as being sacred. I deeply respect your intent to explore the nature of your soul and it's unlimited creative abilities!

    You are never alone

    This website is a resource for your spiritual evolution. You are welcome to come back and visit as often as you like. We also invite you join our weekly spiritual newsletter, Wisdom Bits. Free spiritual guidance and advice are also available through telephone, email, and online chat. Spiritual Counseling is available instantly on demand, or by appointment through our live advice directory.

    I will also warn you about the perils of the "Spiritual Supermarkets" available online today. Beware of the scam artists and crack-pots, for anyone in a fragile spiritual state you are indeed vulnerable.

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