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    You stand exactly in the middle, poised between heaven and earth, a human conductor for the energy that seeks to flow between these two polarities. You are the alchemist, who can invoke and channel the energy that pulsates above you, who can bring it down to earth and, in so doing, give it shape and form in accordance with your will and your intention. You have the power to make manifest that which is not yet visible, to create that which is still unborn.

    As human beings all of us are exceptionally powerful, even extraordinary, and it is our inherent gift of intuitive wisdom that contributes to our ability to live a more confident and empowered life. Life is a beautiful cosmic existence among a vast and ever expanding universe. Live always with the moment in mind and the future will naturally unfold a stunning reflection of your beauty.

    You are a soul before you are a person. Be open to the guidance of synchronicity, and do not let expectations hinder your path. Let go of all expectations because you are perfect just the way you are at every moment. Follow the dream within and you will always find true happiness. You are the creator of your inner universe and I extend to you this reminder.

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