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  • Why Truth Matters

    Truth will always be truth, regardless of lack of understanding, disbelief, or ignorance. Only honesty can be truly helpful. I do not give unrealistic or falsely positive readings. However, messages are conveyed with utmost compassion and respect. They are NEVER judgmental no matter what the situation. Our life's lessons are opportunities, not tests or punishments. Spirit wants only for us to be happy and will offer help even in very difficult situations.

  • Where my search for truth began

    There is a very rare mark on my hand called ‘The Ring of Solomon’. A person with such a mark is considered an Adept. I had always been interested in the psychic realm and had begun my studies in them as a youth. And, although I did see myself as different from other people studying the same subjects - most were just eager dabblers - incidents occurred that charged my mind forever with a seriousness and a new found intensity towards my explorations. When I was 5 years old I met my first and most important Spirit Guide. From that time I knew that I was gifted in that I could communicate with forces and powers not readily known to those around me. At that time, however, I was simply a young child that had gotten lost. All of a sudden a black cat came out of a yard and stood facing me on the sidewalk. We stood there a long time facing each other - it seemed like an eternity - no word or sound spoken, just staring at each other.

    That cat lead me home through backyards, over streets, and right into my own backyard. From that time to this, a cat - looking just like that black cat - has followed me from state to state and address to address for well over 30 years. Now I live with a mostly black cat that came to me in a similar way and attached himself to me immediately as a good Familiar would :-)

  • The Little Things

    When I was little, I also used to think everyone knew something that I didn’t. They, like I, weren’t aware of what it was, and they didn’t seem to notice that I was without it, but to me the difference was painful. Life’s “little things” seemed second nature to others, whereas I felt I had to fake that I knew what was going on.

    I felt awkwardly different, which led to an overwhelming desire to question the things that most people seem to take for granted. A burning desire to know what this life is about, which I have now largely satisfied, making the price of my sensed alienation very small in comparison.

    For me, in the beginning, my search for answers generally centered around the issues of life, death, and the powers of the mind, but within these there were many other topics like time, space, heaven, hell, hypnosis, UFO’s, ghost stories, ESP, the dream state, reincarnation, etc. I had arrived at several basic conclusions for each, but they were just hunches.

    Without knowing how I knew, for example, at the age of 12 or 13 I remember telling my mother that space and time couldn’t really exist, and that neither could hell, or a God that wasn’t One with all things, living and inanimate. I reasoned that He was not just inside Us all, but that no part of our experience could ever be anything less than 100% God.

  • Questions Answering Themselves

    I didn’t realize it at the time but my desire to “know” had put me on an inner path of understanding, or better my thinking was beginning to attract like thinking. As if my questions were slowly answering themselves, opening my eyes to the insights that are latent in us all.

    As I walked this path the questions I dwelled upon were somehow answered. I was never sure just when the answers had arrived. I only sensed, sometime after “illumination”, that an intuitive knowing had been imparted when I wasn’t paying close attention.

    The first time I remember physically pursuing my fascinations with life’s mysteries was at the age of 14. Hypnosis was an exciting and bizarre affair I thought, so I checked some books out from my high school’s library, and bought a few short “how to” ones of my own.

    In very little time I was successfully hypnotizing some of the younger neighborhood kids who looked to me with some authority, but it all became very boring when I ran out of ideas of what to say or do once my subjects had gone under.

    My favorite tricks like having their fingers go numb so that their big brothers could prick them with pins, telling them that they could no longer open their eyes, or having them blurt out nonsense when given post-hypnotic triggers, lost their appeal. No one had bad habits to break, and I had no success with anyone my age or older.

  • Exploring The Mind

    Exploring hypnosis I gleaned several breakthroughs. First that the process worked, I saw the mind’s influence over the body and its thoughts, and second, while rummaging in the school library I discovered The Search for Bridey Murphy, by Morey Bernstein. It blew my 9th grade mind. I couldn’t understand why everyone didn’t have a copy, or why the teachers and adults I knew hadn’t heard of it.

    Surely, I thought, this was revolutionary material that should be studied and queried by the greatest minds of the world. But as far as I knew that hadn’t happened since Bridey’s publication in 1956. Nevertheless, the paranormal events and conditions described in Bridey made perfect sense to me, paralleling many of my own inner suspicions, and opening doors in my thinking that enabled me to ponder even greater questions.

    Although raised a church-going Lutheran, I found many of their teachings, rules and rituals contradictory, and more importantly, inconsistent with the answers I had intuitively arrived at. I’ve always believed, for example, that each of us is really doing our best given our own understandings, therefore if judgment were to be passed on a life, and I don’t believe it is, sin would only ever be regarded as an honest “mistake” due to deep misunderstandings. Not a demerit system that leads to eternal damnation.

    Wouldn’t a loving Father, I reasoned, have more compassion than to seek revenge on his comparatively feeble children who are temporarily blinded by the illusions they’ve created? Even human parents are far more understanding of their own flesh and blood than the "Father" as portrayed in most religions. Sin, and its past and present connotations, must have been a term derived by man I concluded, not an understanding, all-knowing God.

    I have always needed explanations that made sense, and just as importantly, I believed they were attainable. I came to deduce, and still believe, that Jesus was here to tell us, as others have, that we are all “children of God”, that the things he did, we all can do, and that there are no sins, no evil, no hell, other than what exists in our own minds.

    He came to Earth to be a living example of these teachings, to show a better way to his fellow travelers at a dark time in history when limiting beliefs were so ingrained into the population they no longer sought, nor could they conceive of, greater thinking.

  • My Understandings

    With my own inner search no longer lost in space, I began to use and apply the understandings that were solidified by the material I had gathered, without any looking back. With the answers to my fundamental questions revealed, the focus of my life has become the application, or the living, of the truths I’ve found - a mighty tall, but rewarding, order. Today it's through the pursuit of my goals and dreams that I learn my lessons and even greater secrets about life and myself.

    My understandings have helped as much in other areas of my life from relationships to material possessions, and they continue to grow with their own momentum. I'm still a student, but also my own teacher, and in this journey I’ve begun to realize that as much as I enjoy thinking and living my thoughts, I enjoy sharing them too... and learning from others... which I expect, is at least part of the reason, that our paths have crossed here and now, you and I."

    In this particular lifetime, I have studied, taught, and counseled others on their way along their own personal Paths for over 25 years with the help of my Spirit Guides, my knowledge and intuition. I offer Spiritual Guidance through the use of psychic (Spirit) readings. Of course, all knowledge comes from Spirit. So I often simply channel Spirit for specific answers to specific questions.

  • What I Believe

    I believe in a supreme being - called what one wishes - and the ability of that supreme being to guide one’s destiny - guide but never force. That is both the blessing and the curse of the human condition. I believe in that supreme being, in my Spirit Guides and in my self - in that order. I know that not one of us on this earth has a single different power than any other - save what we are given from above. So I look at what is above me first for sustenance and then within myself for action.

    All beings are psychic in their own ways. And I mean ALL beings, not just humans. Some know it and some are not aware of it, some call it by name and others only know it as a feeling right in the bones. I receive inspiration from above and have the wisdom to know where that inspiration came from and why it is offered to me - to help others, of course!

    I have spent a great deal of time studying both the psychic arts and the human mind. Everyone is psychic - that is a fact. But not everyone “listens” to that inner voice within. And there is a difference between “listening” and “hearing”. Listening requires concentration, but for psychic work, passive concentration. Trying too hard is self-defeating. Listen to what is in your heart and mind and you will find yourself realizing a great deal.

    I believe in the golden rule - do unto others as you would have them do unto you, and that what we believe becomes reality - if we really believe with all our heart and soul and might. I have two precepts or credos that govern my life: What goes around comes around, and, if you are willing to give more than you get, you will always get much more than you gave in return.

    What goes around comes around means is that if you do something today, something will happen as a consequence in return. It is not always clear what form that something will take. But one thing is sure - do good today and something good will happen in response. It is the karmic wheel of fate as it has always been, as it will always be.

    It has always both entranced and enchanted me how quickly you can receive so much from so many people by giving, what to you, may be so little. And it always works out that way. If you always give more than you expect to receive, you ALWAYS get more in return than you first gave. It is a very real truth.

    I pray for health, happiness and safety for all mankind. I believe that all three are sorely needed. To that end, I offer Spiritual Guidance by means of psychic readings in an attempt to affect those goals. I believe that of the myriad of people out there on the Internet, there will be many that can use the aid of psychics who care and can help. I try to help as many people as I can in this lifetime, as I have in others.

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