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  • Time-Frames And Patience: 5 Reasons To Be Patient

    • Impatience projects WORRY and worry is a waste of our precious time and life. Impatience projects negative energy and negative intention (yes worry is an intention) out into the Universe and into your personal energy field... actually blocking what you are waiting to receive.
    • Patience teaches. Love is required for patience. And Patience also is required love. there no escaping either. Love of ourselves or love of another person. Love yourself and others enough to allow THEIR lives to unfold as it should. Not on your time schedule. Rushing something or someone that is still developing and learning can cause damage. If a person is rushed before they are ready in a relationship, for example, they may come froward sooner.. but will take 10 steps back inevitably down the road.. to learn the lesson hat they've missed.
    • YOU have something to learn: if you don't learn it and speed through something you're bound to repeat the pattern until you slow down and learn the lesson yourself. If events aren't unfolding the way you had hoped... examine this!
    • You Have Something to Teach: You have something to teach someone else before they are ready
    • Something or Someone you've been waiting for is NOT READY FOR YOU

     Also Remember...

    Time is the one thing we are all born with, for better or worse. Don't waste it waiting for anyone or any thing. Every moment you spend wishing it away is a moment spent dead, and you've got all eternity to do that.

    Sitting still waiting for the Universe to come hand-deliver your dreams is not glamorous, it's not romantic, it's a waste of the only true currency that's worth spending in a world made of distractions and easy ways out, and right deep down we all know it.

    Get busy building your own world, or the world will get busy dismantling you (and it cares nothing for your romantic notions of waiting in the rain for something that will never arrive unless you go after it). And that includes practicing patience!