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  • Spiritual immaturity

    One of the reasons that many spiritual teachers get away with illegalities, is because many of their followers (and sometimes other teachers who support them) have made the mistake of seeing human behavior as distinct from who we are as spiritual beings. In other words, you can be a 'realized master' no matter what terrible things you do. This 'convenient' split between spirituality and humanness lives at the heart of the spiritual bypass and New Age movements, and is a recipe for disaster because some seekers want so desperately to believe that spirituality will take their pain away.

    Because they want this so bad, they will often ignore the very human failings of their teachers. In fact, if anything reflects where we are at on a spiritual level, it is our human behavior. Yes, we are spiritual beings having a human experience, but we are also human beings having a spiritual experience. They are indistinguishable. The state of the psyche is a direct reflection of the stage that the soul is at on its journey through time. If you act with zero integrity, you are underdeveloped as a spiritual being. It's that simple. Emotional and spiritual immaturity are synonymous.