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  • Self Love & Forgiveness Healing Attunement

    Self Love And Forgiveness Healing Protection Reiki Attunement

    Self Love Reiki Attunement

    The Self Love & Forgiveness Healing Attunement is for YOU. I channel Ascended Master, Quan Yin, who has blessed me with the task of helping people heal their hearts. Quan Yin is the Chinese Goddess of compassion and healing.

    She works with the heart chakra and has helped to create this healing treatment and attunement that will reach deep within your heart to gently work on healing those areas of self-love, understanding and forgiveness of yourself that will help you to recognize that you are fully deserving of your own love and therefore, the love of others!

    Deep within your heart is the essence of love that makes you the special person you are. The love that you give to yourself, before all others, is the most important love of all. When the love of self is missing you also miss the real essence of you, which can sometimes form an invisible block when wanting to show and share your love with anyone or anything else.

    Loving one's self is first and foremost to fully accepting who you are and therefore how you interact with others. For whatever reason or reasons that have led you to believe that you are not perfect, dismiss them now. You ARE perfect, just as you are. This is the way you are meant to be.

    Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki and Kundalini Reiki offered, your preference, Level I, II and III.

    * Each Reiki Healing Session purchased includes a hand carved and personalized Reiki healing infused crystal Angel or Animal totem (type of crystal and it's healing properties to be determined after your session according to your personal Chi/Life-Force Energy's needs for perpetual healing--and can be recharged at any time). Your personalized pocket-sized Amulet will be send to your physical mailing address immediately after your Reiki Healing Session is complete :)

    - Email Reiki Healing - 1 Hour Remote Reiki Email Session (w/Photo)


  • Self Love And Forgiveness Healing Protection Reiki Attunement Fee Order
    Self Love And Forgiveness Healing Protection $149.99
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