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  • We carve out caverns of time for television programs and become too busy for the things that fill us with light, or to discover what fills us with Light.  We look to other people for the good in ourselves and forget that the good in us in inside of us, or that we ought
    to put it there. We interact with people by adding them to our list of friends and make little time for the people in our lives who challenge us to new journeys, or to meet these people. 

    We dance around the injustices around us and excuse ourselves by saying that it takes much more than us to change anything, or that we’ll get around to it eventually.  We crave connection and refuse to even raise our eyes at those who pass us, or respond with more than a few words when our friends and family ask us about our lives.

    Our lives. As tiny and insignificant as we are, we’ve all the power to raise our voices and rile up those around us about the wrongs that we want righted.  We’ve all the power that make up our minds we have, so why not get around to realizing that we’re just as insignificant & just as powerful as the individuals who’ve set up the unjust systems and that we’ve got voices just loud enough and time that’s just enough to get up and make things right.