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  • This journey began for me in May 1999 in Chicago, IL. The idea of this website was born out of a desire to bridge the gap between male and female relationships, magnify the commonality, and strengthen our communication skills with each other. Most of all I had the desire to begin the healing between men and women so that our children, communities, and world would have access to live a powerful, free, loving life.

    Each day I engage in insightful and enlightening communication with men and women from all walks of life, from all over the world. I have established my gifts into practical applications. It is my aspiration to welcome and place all clients at ease, as well as, set the stage for flowing communication.

    I had no idea our websites would grow to a national and international resource weaving men, women, young people, cultural diversity, spiritual interfaith, and differing financial class into one community of open, uninhibited, cultural creative beings.

  • My Pleasure

    It has been my pleasure to accompany many unique, passionate individuals along the proverbial stepping-stones as they chose to follow their path. I have been fortunate to glimpse greatness, and have shared in moments of profound discovery and transformation. Being an active participant in raising the sails to the winds of change in the lives of others has served to deepen my conviction that we need only acceptance as our compass and desire as our map.

    The way we view our life has much to do with the way we experience it. We have pre-conceived notions about how things are supposed to be, about how we should react and how others should respond, about whom we are supposed to be and what we are supposed to do. We lose ourselves amidst the day-to-day requirements and bury the small nagging feeling inside that something is missing beneath our ever growing “to do” list. We have dismissed our right to choose.

    But, choose we must! I believe that the one thing we are given is the right to an absolutely joyful life – and we have the choice to either accept that joy, or deny it. Choosing to accept joy means living up to our own voice. To honor our heartfelt desires, to bring forth our talents, to look at whom we truly are as a gift to be given not only to ourselves, but also to those who share our lives - this is the beginning of a personal renaissance; a wondrous journey of discovery, and the path to a joyful life.

    You choose to experience psychical life, so that you might again soar throughout the canyons of your soul. There is a place within you that senses something more. A place that does not fear, that does not doubt and that does not know limitation. A place that knows peace without struggle. A place which embraces without hesitation, surrenders without resistance. A place that does not grieve, does not regret and does not forget why you are here. This is the place of spirit. This is the place spirit speaks to you from within your heart. This is the place spirit resides and where I am honored to mediate on your behalf.

    Maybe we sense there is something more because there is a part of us which knows something more. Maybe in seeking the confirmation of spirit we're finding confirmation of spirit. Maybe we sense a deeper part of ourselves which understands and loves the journey of the "individual" in order to fully express the journey of the "indivisible". Maybe we seek definition because we harbor within us a memory of Limitlessness. We are drawn by Spirit even in resisting it, in doubting it, in denying it, in trying to prove and disprove it - we are dancing with it. Maybe that is the point.

  • Inner Knowing

    Knowing that our spirit play's an incredibly important role in our life's experiences this website exists to honor, support, and celebrate the process of each persons own inner knowing; that innate intelligence that guides and governs all from within. One dream and the belief that it can be done. One spirit creating and accomplishing. I believe that life is meant to be a sacred and joyous event which deserves to be honored and respected in a loving, compassionate way. I am dedicated to helping create safe gentle connected healing experiences. I consider my work to be a seed to remembering the perfection which is within.

    I take great pride, action, and care in the services I provide. All that I do has practical application and displays respect for the individual. I strive to support and enhance their relationship with themselves, in a gentle, loving way.

    I believe that life is the most precious gift that exist in the world and that the future of our world depends on our spirit's being strong, courageous, happy and at peace. I desire to make our world a better place, together we can make a difference.

    Have you ever wondered why it is when you hurt, no one notices? You’ve been there for others, yet, when you’re in need, you can’t seem to find any one. You feel abandoned and all alone. You feel like no one cares, or worse, is there any one in touch with the Lord who can discern that you need to be touched?

    Every artistic soul (and who isn't one?) needs a period of sacred renewal often, no matter how prolific and fulfilling your daily creative life may be. The forces of love and life are always flowing through you, and they need tending. Schedule a Spiritual Consultation at your convenience remember, refresh, and rededicate yourself to your inner flow, and by doing so, to the world in need of your talents.

    The secret to creativity – and health, and joy – is learning to cooperate with our true nature - not controlling, but consciously engaging with its energy and movement. I will bring awareness to thoughts, feelings, inner images – no matter how strange, tender, or dark – and discover their revelations, following their pathways into deeper understandings of their gifts to this world.

    Work through pain and discover the joy of life. Enrich romantic, personal or business relationships. Learn the meaning of your dreams. Clarify your purpose and actualize your potential. Land that dream job or secure your financial future. Open your heart so that special someone can join you. Meet your Guardian Angels or Spirit Guides. Embrace life's lessons. Heal harmful patterns that block happiness. Open communication with loved ones who have passed. Manifest love to heal your children and families. Explore future outcomes!

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