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  • Fare Share Stew Kitchen is a donation-driven project run by myself and my family to help our city’s homeless and make this winter better for those living outside in the parks and on benches.

    Winter season feels extra-long when you are living on the streets or sleeping in a car. Imagine not having food and trying to find hope. Hungry homeless people need your help.

    We will be using your donations to purchase, prepare, and distribute with dignity and respect high-quality, nutritious, home cooked meals (including Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day meals) and care packages called Blessing Bags to our communities’ homeless without a shelter in Old Colorado City, Manitou Springs, and Colorado Springs, Colorado USA.

    This fundraising project is to help us purchase, prepare, cook, and deliver hot stew and sandwich meals as well as create and distribute essential Blessing Bags backpacks for homeless men, women, children & pets living on the streets.

    Our work will be on-going and not just seasonal! We’ve been doing this on our own for weeks.

    My hope is to remind our homeless neighbors that they do matter and that they are not invisible – no matter how many people walk, drive, or bike past them during these upcoming Holidays.

    This fundraiser will help to feed them with mobile hot lunches and dinners which include free bowls of homemade stew, assorted sandwiches, spring water, tea, homemade dessert and lots of hugs, love, and compassion!

    WHY? BECAUSE I believe that our community (beginning with my family) needs to be an integral part of the systemic solution to homelessness and poverty.

    Seeing makes a difference. Giving feels good. The least we can do is provide a hot healthy meal and the bare human necessities to people living and sleeping rough in and around Colorado Springs.

    This project is especially created for those struggling with homelessness, depression or addiction, domestic violence or abuse, pstd veterans, people coping with loss, trauma survivors or anyone else that is hungry and needs a hot meal, some necessary supplies and a hug.

    Your donation will be used to provide free meals:

    FOOD (Fare Share Stew Kitchen):
    (our cost $2.75 each hot lunch)

    Mobile Hot Lunch Meals:
    (Surfin’ the streets every Wednesday & Sunday rain or shine!)

    Beef Stew, Chicken Stew, Lamb Stew, & Chili
    (all gluten-free and diabetic friendly fare)

    Cold Sandwiches:

    Turkey and Colby-Jack cheese
    Ham and White American cheese
    Chicken & Swiss (on Gluten-Free Rye!)

    + fruit, chips, homemade dessert & a drink!

    Blessings Stew You! 

    (our cost approx $25-30 each)


    What will we do to provide help? With the holidays quickly approaching and in the spirit of giving, we are creating a “Blessings Bag” for about 350-400 homeless people in our community.

    These bags of blessings include everything from the bare necessities to the simple pleasures many of us take for granted daily. Each Blessing Bag will also include a personalized note of inspiration.

    Tarps to fashion into tents, camping gear, blankets, warm clothes, gloves, hats, heat packs, body lotion, baby wipes, underwear, toothpaste, water, hot tea—these are all some of the things high on the list that those sleeping on the streets need.

    These canvas or backpack bags will contain basic items, such as deodorant, shampoo, toothbrushes, socks, rain ponchos, cup of soup, granola bars, crackers and any other non-perishables that would be helpful to them.

    Below is a list of items that we pack into a Blessing Bag

    Blessing Bag Check List

    We pass these out after we provide a hot meal so that the men & women can have some new supplies to add to their backpacks and for those folks who have none, they receive an entire backpack with these supplies inside.

    Winter is certainly the hardest time for the homeless. Hypothermia can set in below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and some shelters don’t open until the temperature is much lower.

    Many people don’t want to go inside for fear of having their only belongings stolen. Others have told me that they find it overwhelming.

    Imagine a world where it is illegal to sit down at night. Could you survive if there were no place you were allowed to fall asleep, to store your belongings, or to stand still?

    For most of us, these scenarios seem unrealistic to the point of being ludicrous. But, for homeless people in Colorado Springs and across America, these circumstances are an ordinary part of daily life.


    More than half a million people in the U.S. are homeless and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect like you would other people.Don’t just walk by. A smile, a sturdy tarp, a hot meal, a warm blanket, kind words, thoughtful clothing donations, and advocacy can help this winter!

    I believe that this project will change lives and if at least ONE person will walk away with a new found sense of hope… then mabey, JUST MABEY.. that hope will build over time and a few hot meals.. and he or she will be inspired to take the first step to getting back on their feet!

    We started Fare Share Stew Kitchen because we see a need that is being unmet in our community for the un-sheltered homeless and decided to step in and offer assistance in whatever way we can. We want to do OUR fair share by creating a ‘fare (food) share’ kitchen for the homeless.

    We will continue (every Wednesday and Sunday) even after the holidays to provide food and essential homeless blessing bags to homeless individuals as well as pet food, collars, leashes, toys, and dog coats for their pets.

    We understand the importance of pets to the homeless. Pets provide protection, companionship and often, emotional stability. These animals are beloved family to the homeless and often eat before they do.

    ****Other Ways You Can Help

    Whatever your budget, don’t forget that no gift is too small. And helping even one person is still significant!

    We rely strictly on donations to assist these neighbors and pets in need. If you would like to help us help others, please leave us a voicemail at (719) 629-7123

    If you do not wish to contribute funds feel free to ship us a few supplies!

    We also have an Amazon.com wish list:

    For Blessing Bags & Supplies

    For Food & Kitchen Supplies

    If you’re are unable to contribute monetarily at this time we humbly ask that you share our page and our mission with everyone you know!

    **Local neighbor? Please email noeticsoul@gmail.com to make drop off donation arrangements!

    To Potential Investors & Donors:

    We would also one day soon love to own and operate a food truck and/or a professional kitchen space that feeds the homeless with locally sourced ingredients.

    If you can help with these start-up goals or donate a food truck please do let us know that too!

    We thank you kindly in advance for your help bringing love and hope to those who are most vulnerable in our community.

    Every dollar counts and is greatly appreciated!


    Websites coming soon