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  • The Gemini personality is lively, versatile and intelligent. They are an indispensable source of information with an excellent memory and dazzling verbal skills. With their changeable and restless nature they are usually multi-taskers. Ideas are the food of life for them. Duplicity is a side to their nature that they hide and use to their advantage. Some would say that Geminis have two distinct personalities. They are very communicative, and love to be around people. Gemini folk have minds that are always racing and thinking of what they can do next. They rarely ever grow up and love constant change.

  • GEMINI May 21st - June 20th

    Who says there's a limit to how many influences one person can have? You're the consummate collector of cool, endlessly curious and always aware of the latest and greatest offerings out there. As an air sign, you tend to breeze between interests, chasing every flight of fancy that grabs your attention. This is where your "split personality" reputation originates: One minute, you're totally

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