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    Seeking a trusted guide through life’s uncertainties?

    Our life crises tell us that we need to break free of beliefs that no longer serve our personal development. These points at which we must choose to change or to stagnate are our greatest challenges. Every new crossroads means we enter into a new cycle of change, and change inevitably means letting go of familiar people and places and moving on to another stage of life.

    The mind's ability to create miracles continues to astonish. Working together we can make a positive difference in the satisfaction of your life experiences, come what may. Destiny & Life Path psychic readings are designed to bring forth your unique inner capacity to create positive outward strategies and action and to address physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual life challenges.

    Stop the self sabotage, identify and break through negative emotions and limiting decisions, enhance your effectiveness, take an active role in directing your life changes and healing. Destiny & Life Path consultations assist individuals in creating, accomplishing and remembering the perfection which is within. Tune into your own inner guidance and deepen your self awareness. Make your desired, positive, lasting changes beginning today! I also offer weekly Life Coaching Sessions to help keep you on your Life's Path.

  • A Single Step

    There are as many different pathways as there are people on this Earth. We all know intuitively that there is more to life than whatever limited reality we now experience. We long to awaken to the depths of who we are and what life could be.

    Whatever temporary yearnings may preoccupy us - for less pain and more joy, for a fulfilling relationship or for meaningful work there is something that calls to us from deep within. We want to know the truth about life and we want to feel love in our hearts. I believe that the only way to transform “what is” into “what you envision” is to begin with a single step.

    I love to empower the passions and knowledge of people. All of my work is individually tailored and every client is very important to me. You will be treated with sensitivity and understanding. I am not a fortune teller, but a Psychologist, Relationship Therapist, and true Psychic Empath & Clairvoyant.

    I will help you to find your direction in a way that will leave you empowered and positive. I do not make any extravagant claims, but the fact that the vast majority of my clients return for further work, and pass my name on to others they love who need my help, I feel, speaks for itself.

  • The Jouney

    Destiny & Life Path Readings are Spiritual Guidance consultations designed to support you on your journey to release the wounds, heal the past, and embrace the future. I am honored to help support, and celebrate the process of each persons own inner knowing, that innate intelligence that guides and governs all from within.

    I believe that all have the power within to make the choices to pursue the path in life they wish. Each of us must walk our own path (not that dictated by another) to fulfill our soul's desire. This part of my guidance is geared on helping you find YOUR path and tools you have brought in with you for this lifetime.

  • The Purpose

    My purpose is not to take your power away from you. Each of us require assistance from time to time in clearing up a "cloud" around a situation, however; my goal is to assist YOU in finding the center of YOU the place within where all true answers are found whereby; we find our true empowerment.

    When you find the eyes behind your eyes and learn to awaken your body's higher perception, you open up a new way of seeing and being. When you learn to reach through and beyond your physical body, you discover that you are never without support and guidance and that ultimately you can experience a new and expanded way to be alive. Well-nurtured dreams become goals, and well-nurtured goals become achievements.

    You are a work of art. I have faith that you will discover with me, a natural balance to yourself; a grace and harmony that will reveal your design, if you will stop looking outside and begin to look within Spiritual Messages are the whispers of the Soul. They are the spiritual DNA that guide us toward our higher self and the fulfillment of our life's purpose.

    As you learn to follow the natural curves of the material from which you are formed, a masterpiece will be revealed. I am here to help you unite, flow and grow in harmony with your spiritual journey, your life path. I honor your process and respect your Journey. Answer the call of your own voice. A remarkable person is waiting to be discovered, explored and enjoyed!

  • Destiny & Life Path Psychic Readings

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