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    Is he/she cheating on me? Can the relationship be saved? Am I the other woman/man? Is my partner having an emotional affair?

  • Is he cheating or has he cheated? Has she had an affair?

    cheating psychic readings

    If your gut instinct tells you he's cheating, how can you find out if your gut is right? Call me I'll let you know the truth. Whether you are in a serious relationship, marriage, or just starting up a romance, cheating is a sure deal breaker.

    Has your boyfriend been cheating on you with his ex and you just recently found out? Has your husband or wife had an affair or one night stand and you feel betrayed? Has your girlfriend been exchanging racy text messages and emails with a co-worker? Finding out the one you love has been cheating on you can be devastating  If you have been cheated on there are two things you must deal with:

    First, you have to deal with your feelings of betrayal and hurt. You may feel devastated and as if your whole world is crumbling. You can’t stop crying, and at times feel numb. You are angry and feel as though you did not deserve it. You hate the fact that this person lied to your face and so easily and often. You wonder about the details, what was said, done, and don’t know what to believe anymore.

    Secondly, you now have trust issues, and are not sure if trust can ever be rebuilt even though you may want it to. At times like these a psychic reading can really help to set you straight. Your love psychic can tell you the details you want to know, and if in fact the affair or cheating has really stopped.

    I can tell you about the person they cheated with or had an affair with. You can learn about their motivation for cheating, their true feelings for the person that they cheated with, and how much of a part they played in the cheating / affair. The person they did the cheating with may not want the affair to end and may be glad you found out because they want them for themselves.

    I can tell you if this person will continue to try and sabotage your relationship or if they will leave you alone. After you begin to heal, you must decide if you want to give your relationship another chance. Your emotions are all over the place and your trust is shot and you don’t even know what to think.

    I can help you make the BEST decision for you. I can tell you if the affair or cheating is really over, if it will happen again, or if your loved one learned from their mistake.

    Being cheated on is devastating, and you can feel so alone and as if no one understands just how you feel. I do, and I am are here to help you, with honest, accurate guidance, whatever your decision is. I don’t judge, I just want to help you get through this tough time with compassion... give me a call today.

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