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    The Universe has a way to show us where we ‘stand’ when arrogance and vanity sets in, when we forget the larger picture and that there is a ‘hand’ that is helping us in our endeavors. When we allocate all our successes to ‘I,’ ‘My’ or ‘Mine,’ the Universe gives us a reminder which could be in the form of loss of reputation, wrong accusations, financial losses, ill-health, legal suits or any other way.

    At that point, we are forced to run in a ‘merry-go-round trip,’ running from pillar to post to do what is required at the physical level. But, more than that, these Divine ‘interferences’ in our plans are meant to shift our consciousness and bring in humility and appreciation. Something we forget, in the rush of life, chasing either our successes or protecting them.


    Psychic Readings by LillyBy: Lilly Calandrello

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