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  • Those under the zodiac sign of Aquarius were born ahead of their time and find it hard to fit into conventional society. Freedom and independence are the most important values for an Aquarius. They have great dreams and far-reaching plans. Prone to illogical behavior it is not easy for others to understand and follow Aquarians ideas. An Aquarius appreciates people for who they are and have no prejudices. They want social justice for everyone and recognize that change is essential. As an inventive Aquarian they can become the instrument for reform.

  • AQUARIUS January 20th - February 18th

    Fly that freak flag high, Aquarius. You may look like an all-American girl on the surface (or not), but behind that distressed-denim jacket beats the heart of a true bohemian. You have the unique ability to combine logic and creativity into pure genius. Few people understand your vision when you simply talk about it. Get into action. Once a tangible product has been brought forth, you catapult to

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