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  • Undoing Bad Karma Psychic Reading

    Undoing Bad Karma Psychic Reading

    Learn how to fix bad karma

    This Reiki Healing will cleanse bad karma, heal & release karmic cycles and teach you how to reverse bad Karma daily.

    Undoing Bad Karma Psychic Reading [How to Change Bad Karma] - Learn How to Change Bad Karma to Good Karma - Undoing Bad Karma & Past Mistakes

    Clients often ask me how they can overcome mistakes they have made in the past and reverse negative karma. These mistakes can include poor decisions, hurting others, cheating, lying, stealing, sexual misconduct, and other things from the past that now cause them shame, guilt, anxiety and self-doubt.

    What can you do to receive forgiveness.. restore and regain good karma? Can you really reverse Karma?

    All human beings are subject to karmic law, but we don't have to be imprisoned by it. Many people think of themselves as victims of bad karma, powerless to change it. Not true. No matter what kind of karma you've brought to this lifetime, you can change it. The literal meaning of karma ~ "action" ~ implies the potential for change.

  • Undoing Bad Karma Healing & Releasing Karmic Cycles to Reverse Negative Karma

    Each lifetime is entered with the purpose of healing karma and transmuting energies of fear into a higher vibration. This is the purpose of life and for each lifetime that is experienced on earth. The human experience creates karma until it can learn to connect with the energy of unconditional love, which then allows ascension into new energetic vibrations to occur.

    Karmic cycles allow the experience of karma through lessons to allow for the possibility of healing and forgiveness. This is the path of undoing, which can create repeated cycles of learning until you aware that the way out of these cycles is to become the healing and transformation that will release the karma.

    Every human connection contains a karmic element which you can be aware of by remembering that this is a central aspect of every interaction. Being aware of the presence of karma, observing the energy exchanges and knowing when karma is being activated allows you to see where there are opportunities to become the healing your own soul requires. You are either on the path of undoing karma, which you do by repeating it in every interaction, or be-coming transformation.

    Each of you is a healer of your soul wounds, soul groups, soul mates and of the world. But do not feel overwhelmed by the task because all healing begins with you and you each have the ability to follow the path of undoing or the path of becoming.

    You know which path to choose, which one is aligned with your soul's desire for healing and transformation and which one responds to your own wish for ascension and life in higher dimensions of being. Choose the path you resonate with, that answers your heart's call for healing and transformation and you will, with each step on your journey, become your heaven on earth.

  • How To Change Your Karma

    When you understand what your karmic energies are -- what experiences or people you are attracting into your life in order to receive the lessons they offer -- you are ready to change your karma.

    I can help most anyone step out of a life of guilt, fear, shame, and depression over past mistakes and undo the bad karma that follows them and awaits them.

    You CAN turn a life of shame and despair into one of inspiration, hope and joy!

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  • How to Cleanse Your Karma Yourself

    Realize that grace and forgiveness are real and possible for you, no matter what you have done. In prayers and meditation, you can begin each day asking for guidance, grace, mercy and forgiveness. This is fine and usually all that is needed to help invoke the law of grace.


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