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  • Shamanic Psychopomp (The Healing Of Souls - Helping the deceased to cross over into the Light)

    Shamanic Psychopomp  (The Healing Of Souls - Helping the deceased to cross over into the Light)

    I was born with an ability to help people cross over at the time of death, or assist those souls who need guidance after the transition. Shamanic psychopomp is generally not  about using mediumistic abilities. My primary function here is not to reconnect the living with the dead, but to help the spirit or soul of an individual cross over to a safe place at the time of death or afterwards.

    The word 'psychopomp' is derived from Greek and means 'leader of souls.' The shaman assists a person who has died to cross over to the Light. For a variety of reasons, some individuals remain earthbound after death instead of crossing over into the Light.

    In the shamanic perspective, both life and death are transitory processes. Because our true nature is the eternal soul, our coming into life in a human body is a transition from one state to another. Similarly, our leaving our human bodies during the time of death is, also, a transition of our soul into another state of being. And, because shamanic work is accomplished in the realm of the soul, a soul can be healed after death, or before life. This is the work of the psychopomp.

    Some situations which cause an individual's spirit to remain on earth after death include, a sudden and unexpected death, a deep attachment to a person or family or a strong desire to complete some remaining unfinished business. A shaman's job is to help that individual soul move out of this dimension upon death, and take it to the Light.

    Shamanic Psychopomp - Help Crossing Over into the Light - Dying Consciously

    We are also called into psychopomp service to heal those who are dying, helping to ease the fears about the impending transition, both for the dying and for family and friends.  We can help the dying person to understand the process of dying from a spiritual perspective, easing fears of what lies ahead by clarifying the mystery.

    Through a variety of shamanic techniques, we can also help the dying person to reconcile and balance relationships and events in their life, which can help to alleviate burdens and attachments to this life that can make the transition more frightening or difficult.

    We can also help connect the dying to those loved ones and compassionate beings who are already in the spiritual realms, helping the dying one to know they are moving from one set of relationships and into another welcoming, supporting set of relationships. This work prepares the dying for the understanding that they are merely transitioning from one state to another, and that their process is supported well by Spirit.

    Psychopomp work is also very useful to help heal those who have died, but have been unable for any reason to complete their transition back to union with the Divine. Shamans recognize that our world is a reflection of the spiritual world; we call the world that is a spiritual version of our own the Middle World.  

    As we transition from our human bodies, our soul moves into the Middle World to do the work in which we end our attachments to our human existence, which allows us to return to our true nature and join ourselves to the Light of the Divine. Sometimes, a soul has a difficult time during this transition, and can end up being “stuck” in this Middle World.

    When a soul needs help in completing its transition to the Light of the Divine, we can bring a kit of shamanic tools to bear in assisting that soul. So, for example, a soul may feel it cannot leave the Middle World until it receives some important soul essence it lost; so we can call for the return of lost soul parts, restore them to the stuck soul, and then help ease that soul’s way back to the Light.

    At other times, souls sometimes remain in the Middle World because they are lost or confused about what has happened to them. In that case, the practitioner can help the soul to understand the events of death, and point out the next steps that the soul can choose to take on its journey.

    Psychopomp work can be done on behalf of the dead from anywhere. A shamanic practitioner knows the way to the places in the Middle World where stuck souls dwell, and can enter that realm and work to free those souls.

    Helping the dead to heal can be important work for the benefit of the living as well. The living sometimes feel the emotions or energy of the departed soul who is stalled in its transition. For example, a client and his family experienced waves of anger in their home. When an ancestor who had lived in the house was helped back to the Light, the entire family became less angry and more able to enjoy their lives.

    Email Shamanic Psychopomp Session  -  1 Hour The Healing Of Souls Session (w/Photo)

    Each Shamanic Psychopomp Session purchased includes a personally prescribed healing crystal (type of crystal and it's healing properties to be determined after your session according to your personal Chi/Life-Force Energy's needs for perpetual healing--and can be recharged at any time). Your personalized pocket-sized crystal will be sent to your physical mailing address immediately after your Shamanic Psychopomp Session is complete.


    Distance healings are extremely powerful as energy is not bound by time or space. It can be felt across the Universe at anytime, anywhere. My healing abilities are enhanced in a deep, meditative trance-like state. This why my energy healing sessions are *NOT* done by phone, or chat.

    In my energy healing and transformative sessions, I utilize a variety of healing modalities including Shamanic Reiki, traditional Reiki, aura repair, chakra balancing, soul retrieval and recovery, karmic cleansing, and soul possession clearing.

  • Shamanic Psychopomp

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