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    "He will give His Angels charge over you to guard you in all your ways" -Psalm 91:11

    Words left unsaid? Unanswered questions? Get help healing and gaining closure from the death of a loved one or beloved pet. Find closure and peace to reclaim your life.

    The other side has messages that can reveal a wealth of information about our own lives. I can help you step beyond the window of this life to the other side where the spirit world exists to find you answers.

    Sensitive to the energy of those who have passed, (having been there myself twice) I translate accurate messages and information to family members and friends from those who have crossed over.

    I am a direct mediumistic channel, healer, and guide who has the ability to speak to those that have passed over and can give you messages from deceased loved ones. I do this with the help of my spirit guides and Angles.

    This means that Spirit communicates to me in words, images and feelings which I translate and share with you. I encourage you to ask questions in return and experience an open channel of conversation.

    Faith is ... Being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. - Hebrews 11:1

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    Psychic Medium Reading (1 hour session) $199.99
  • Is a psychic medium reading a psychic reading?

    No. A psychic medium reading is not a psychic reading. Your loved ones whom have passed on will step forward to me in order to communicate and I'll give you their messages. These are very powerful, and emotional sessions that can offer you insight, closure, and great peace.

    I feel that mediumship is a gift that I was blessed with to help others understand that life does exist after a physical death. Many people may feel "abandoned" or "lost" after the death of a loved one. You can rest assured that they never do leave our side.

    They see you in your every day life, they still laugh at some of the funny things that happen to you. Most importantly they keep us away from and protect us from danger.

  • What will psychic medium readings accomplish?

    When you find the eyes behind your eyes and learn to awaken your mind's higher perception, you open up a new way of seeing and being. You will discover that you are NEVER without support and guidance from loved ones who have crossed over and that ultimately, you can experience a new and expanded way to be alive. The Universe opens very wide when you see and feel beyond this three dimensional world. I would be honored to be your guide. Thank you for taking your valuable time to allow me to explain what this type of psychic medium reading is about.

    Always remember:

    The Soul is never complete; it's continually in a state of becoming more. That is why you are Forever...

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