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  • Leos are generous and friendly; they do not hesitate to help others. Leos are not afraid to spend money on luxury and are happy to share with others. A Leo loves the sun and spending a lot of time holidaying in sunny places and hot destinations. They appreciate the beauty in nature and are passionate about landscapes. They are not ashamed to show their artistic side with confidence and expect praise for it. [learn more]

  • LEO July 22nd - August 22nd

    Like a lioness stalking the jungle, you're ever on the hunt for that which feeds your soul (and the souls of your entire pride). You're the zodiac's Queen of Fierce, a born leader and trendsetter who raises the bar of success to breathtaking heights. The simple life is abhorrent—you're a fire sign who deals in bright, colorful blazes. While you're always aflame with creative vision, you're often

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