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    Karma Healing [Energy Healing Session] -  Karmic Past Life/ Inner Child Healing Email

    Karma Cleansing Ritual Using Kundalini Spirit For Cleansing Negative Karma

    Karma Cleansing and Past Life/ Inner Child Healing and Karmic Healing is important, because everyone has a conscience, and life is easier with a clear conscience than it is with a heavy heart.

    We are all born in this world carrying residual energy from our past lives in the form of beliefs, emotions, goals and fears. Past Life healing helps release negative beliefs, emotions and thought patterns and replace them with positive ones. Karmic Disentanglement, Ancestral Karma Healing, Inner Child and Past Life Healing is covered in this session. Past Life Soulmate Relationships can also be healed.

    This is a Karma Cleansing consultation to remove and cleanse any residual negative Karma from past lives that are blocking you currently from moving forward with love, life and abundance (money/finances) in this life.

    - Email Reiki Healing - 1 Hour Remote Reiki Email Session (w/Photo)

    Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki and Kundalini Reiki offered, your preference, Level I, II and III.


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    Karma Healing - Cleansing Negative Karma (Karmic Past Life/ Inner Child Healing) $149.99
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