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  • Heal Money Blocks (Healing Financial Blocks, Heal Financial Success Blocks, Chakra Money Blocks)

    Heal Money Blocks (Healing Financial Blocks, Heal Financial Success Blocks, Chakra Money Blocks)

    Remove Your Mental Financial Success Blocks and Learn how to heal your money blocks by raising your wealth frequency with an energy healing.

    This healing will help you overcome money blocks (usually caused by your own fear) and attract more financial abundance!

    Do you struggle to make money? Do you have a hard time visualizing yourself in a lifestyle that is abundant with money? Are you able to manifest cash easily but then lose it to some unexpected event? Do you avoid talking about money because you get so triggered? Do you sometimes get the feeling that you’re cursed and no matter how you do everything right, you just can’t seem to make things work the way you want? You’re a good person with so much to offer, but you just can’t seem to get off Struggle Street.

    The solution to more money is much easier than you think, unless it serves you to continue to hold onto the belief that you must work hard for your money, and that it is not easy in this economy. Keep in mind that your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. Everything you believe is confirmed in your outer world.

    Here are some ways your money can show up as a blocked energy and how that could manifest. Then I will describe what a healthy chakra tuned to a high vibration of money looks like. These blockages actually reside in a physical place in your body that can be energetically cleared.

    ✔ When you will feel anxiety and stress about money, this is manifesting from your FIRST Chakra or root chakra which is located at the bottom of your spine. A block here will cause you to not feel safe or secure if you do not have enough money. When this chakra is congested you will keep manifesting a survival energy around money where you constantly feel behind or blind sided with some new expense or bill. Worries about having sufficient money exist here. If you are grounding through your money, you will feel off kilter when your money levels get too low.

    • A healthy root / first chakra is planted securely to the energy of our abundant mother earth. In it’s natural state, the planet is abundant. The robin does not worry about where to find her next worm and the trees in spring are never anxious about budding enough leaves. Indigenous peoples once lived in harmony with our bountiful mother earth and never were in lack. This is the foundational chakra and affects all others above it. When you are securely rooted here and this energy is flowing freely, you will manifest a cornucopia of money in our life. The security you feel when you are grounded to our bountiful earth will be abundantly clear.

    ✔ If you are having a hard time manifesting cashola, your SECOND Chakra or sex/creative chakra may be blocked. This energy center sits halfway between your belly button and your pubic bone. This is where you process creative energy into physical things…such as a baby which is energetically created right in that second chakra. This is also where you process lots of different emotions around money. So when you are in the lower vibrating energies of anger or sadness regarding money, these emotions will be found in this chakra.

    • A healthy sex/creative / second chakra will be able to transform the energy of money into actual moola.

    ✔ When you are using a lot of effort, extra pushing, and hard work to create and manifest your money, it’s a sign that your THIRD Chakra or power chakra is blocked right at your solar plexus. It is actually not true that working hard is the only way to create money. However, most have grown up with this belief so this may be a challenging viewpoint to accept. I believe a new paradigm for creating money will gradually become the new normal as more and more people understand these concepts for creating. This chakra is where energy is put into action. It is called the power chakra because it creates doing. However, the doing can be effortless and without force. You still need to plan and keep taking steps in the direction you are being led and it can be easy.

    • A healthy power / third chakra will seem to manifest magically. The right people step forward into the programs you have created, money that is owed to you may suddenly get paid back, and maybe you discover unexpected blessings show up like finding money. Show gratitude even for the smallest amounts. It tells the Universe what you want more of. Pushing and forcing is replaced with magnetizing and attracting. No more chasing money.

    ✔ When deep down you don’t feel like you deserve money, you feel guilty even at the thought of having mucho dinero, and you, you can bet that your FOURTH Chakra or heart chakra is clogged. This energy sits right in the middle of your chest. If you are one who is constantly beating yourself up and feel like a loser for not being able to manifest more money, know that it can be easily remedied by creating a healthy flow of energy here.

    • A healthy heart / fourth chakra will create the feeling of deserving of having lots of money. You will admire all the ways you are creating greater opportunities for more people because you have more money and all the people you have helped as a result. You will be able to feel what it is like to surround yourself with affluence and it will feel good. You will also admire others with an abundance of money and those you view as wealthy. Because you treat your money like a lover, pay lots of attention to it, and give it special care, it loves to stick around.

    ✔ Do you contract when it comes to having conversations about money? Do you avoid asking for money that is owed to you? Do you cringe at the though of telling customers you have raised your price? That is a signal that your FIFTH Chakra or communication chakra at your throat is not flowing.

    • A healthy communication / fifth chakra boldly asks for a raise, easily states what you charge for programs as you feel your worth, and can calmly express your personal truth regarding money.

    ✔ Do you have a hard time visualizing yourself having more money, seeing what you would do or buy with additional capital, or seeing all the ways you could help others with a plentitude of bank? The ability to see clearly sits in your SIXTH Chakra or third eye right in the middle of your forehead. The most common reason this chakra gets blocked is because you are trying to see the world through other people’s beliefs.r Trying to filter your truth and ideas through the beliefs and mental concepts that you have adopted along the way creates confusion. You are trying to make something fit that doesn’t because its not your truth. You can’t see clearly in a state of confusion.

    • A healthy third eye / sixth chakra regarding money will be able to mentally visualize yourself having an abundance of it, spending it wisely, and using it in a way that helps others. You will be able to see behind the masks that people project around their wealth and having money. This will help you to decide what kind of relationship you want with your money.

    ✔ If you ever feel like you need the approval of others before you make any money moves, this blocked energy will show up in your SEVENTH Chakra or crown chakra at the top of your head. Feeling like a slave to moneyas though it controls you will show up here.

    • A healthy crown / seventh chakra will help you know that you have permission to create as much money as you like, spend it how you wish, and you will know that you are not your money.

    How do these get blocked?

    When you were young, you learned to believe lots of different things about money. You also made observations and came to conclusions about money. Some of these beliefs may be that money is the root of all evil, or the most common is that you need to work very hard for your money. If your parents modeled envy or distain for people with lots of money, you may also have adopted the beliefs that people with money can’t be trusted or are greedy.

    But as you get older and start to align more with your truth, these older programs no longer resonate and can cause energetic congestion, confusion, and anxiety. It will be impossible to ever obtain lots of money with these sub-conscious and limiting beliefs driving in the background. You can’t have an envy or distain for those with money and expect to ever have enough yourself. Those are opposite beliefs and either one or the other will prevail.

    How can I clear these blocks?

    Energy Healing will start the flow of money through all your chakras so you can feel like you have permission to have more money. You will be able to start to visualize the wealthy life that you dream of. You will begin to feel confident about conversations about money and deserving of an abundance of money. Your effortless actions will produce manifestations of money almost magically, and you will feel safe and secure regarding how much money you have.

    If you are inclined to think that it can’t be that easy, pay special attention to your solar plexus when you meditate. This is where those beliefs that life is hard work and a struggle are held.

    Email Healing Money Blocks - 2 Hour Remote Reiki Email Session (w/Photo)

    Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki and Kundalini Reiki offered, your preference, Level I, II and III.

    Each Healing Money Blocks Session purchased includes a personally prescribed healing crystal (type of crystal and it's healing properties to be determined after your session according to your personal Chi/Life-Force Energy's needs for perpetual healing--and can be recharged at any time). Your personalized pocket-sized crystal will be sent to your physical mailing address immediately after your Healing Money Blocks Session is complete.

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