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  • Exclusive Psychic Services

    Lilly’s clientele includes those who require the utmost discretion and non-disclosure agreements such as politicians, CEO"s of Fortune 500 companies as well as celebrities. She is willing to travel to any part of the world and offer her services from your residence or nearby hotel of your choosing. A per diem rate plus premium transportation is invoiced for this exclusive personal service. Available for multiple individuals or one single individual for private sessions or groups for public sittings.

    Please feel free to contact our office for a quotation or to request more information, they will be happy to furnish you with more information regarding pricing and availability. Kindly let them know your city/state/country for time difference considerations. Thank you!

  • Keen.com Appointments

    Lilly also accepts appointments on Keen.com and has been a top psychic there with over 42 thousand clients leaving 5 Star Feedback for over 16 years. Her rate on this 3rd party site is 14.44 per minute due to higher connection rates and 60% administrative fees. If you prefer an appointment via Keen.com please click on Lilly's call or chat button below to schedule an appointment today! Not a member of Keen.com? No problem! You can sign up for free here.

    To avoid per minute rates please order your flat fee reading here and you will be contacted promptly by a Client Care specialist to schedule an appointment time convenient for you!

  • To schedule your appointment via Keen.com immediately, please click on the call or chat button below to instantly request an

    appointment day and time that is convenient for you! No deposits required.



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