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    Angel Therapy involves the use of visualization and meditation exercises. These techniques can also raise your level of faith and help to expand your confidence in receiving and benefiting from Divine guidance.

    I am a certified Advanced Angel Therapy Practitioner (AATP) and Angel Intuitive (AI) accredited by Doreen Virtue.

    The work involved in an angel card reading, mainly focuses on how to connect and work with your Angels and clear your channels of Divine communication so that you too can receive clear messages.

  • Angel Card Readings - Healing With the Angels Oracle Cards

    My Angel Card readings are done using the Healing With the Angels Oracle Cards deck by Doreen Virtue which I find offer the most validation from the angels that one really is hearing them and in communication with them. The Angel Card artwork is incredible and their messages are positive, astoundingly accurate, and very powerful.

  • Angel Card Readings

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    Angel Oracle Card Reading Reading $79.99
  • Angel Readings & Angel Therapy

    Angel Card Readings are an excellent way to connect with your heavenly helpers and receive their guidance. Angel Therapy can help increase your level of energy and overall sense of well being and will help in assembling the perfect angelic energies to guide you.

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