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    Here you will find public client testimonials for Psychic Lilly Calandrello. After over 291,000 consultations to date, more than 195,000 clients have taken the time to write and leave feedback to thank Lilly for her extraordinary and accurate online psychic readings and liberating distance healing sessions.

    Read Lilly’s most inspiring 5 star written client psychic reading testimonials spanning the last 19 years. She may be very busy, and there may be a bit of a wait, but you will find (and HEAR) that she is well worth the wait!


    5 Star Psychic Reading Reviews


    Below you will find the latest client testimonials for Lilly Calandrello, clairvoyant, psychic empath, medium, tarot reader and spiritual advisor. Lilly’s clients have been offering public testimonials throughout her 30 + year career. Lilly provides clear accurate insight answering client’s questions about past, present and future.

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  • 5 Star Psychic Reading Reviews

    10/19/2018 - Aubra Limon - 5 stars This review is for my last reading which happened on 9/16. Actually since this May, Lilly has kept telling me I'll have a job offer by the end of September. Every month I had 1-2 readings with her and she never changed her story. She kept telling me it's Sep. I had applied so many jobs but didn't even get an interview so I was so frustrated. Finally I had an interview in August, but then Lilly told me she didn't see a job for now, she suggested me keeping applying. And at the end of August, I heard from the hiring manager that he decided to grant the offer to someone else. Lilly was right! That also means she didn't sugarcoat and feed me false hope. She tells the Truth. And at the beginning of September, I had another interview which I felt I failed miserably. I was so upset. On 9/16, Lilly told me I would get this job. I was skeptical because my interview was a mess. But she ensured me that I would be offered this job regardless. It's just the HR being inefficient so it would be a slow process. She told me to have faith. I remained skeptical until I heard from the recruiter that they decided to indeed extend an offer to me! Then it's a long and slow negotiating process just as Lilly warned. Today, I finally signed the offer letter and I am delighted. Lilly has never failed me on ANY big life-changing events. It's been ten years and I trust her with all my heart.

    9/4/2018 - John McCandless - 5 stars Dearest Lilly, I want to tell you and the world what an extraordinary presence you are in my life, and have been literally almost every day since we first met. Over the past 15 years, the enthusiasm, compassion and integrity that you display in your readings and healings have been a constant source of inspiration for me, and always help me KNOW that I am on the right path. Likewise, the work that you are doing—in everything from the inter-spiritual dialogues to your own work in Shamanic and Reiki healing—have always influenced me directly on my own path of spiritual growth and understanding. Whenever I am asked to name a genuine Spiritual saint, the first words out of my mouth are always, “Why, Lilly Calandrello, of course. And by the way, she’s still on this planet. Find her and meet her!”

    I’ve been following your Lupus as it progresses, and, with so many others, am just distraught at the possibility of you becoming sick and passing on. Which is why the thought of your Lupus winning this battle is just devastating to me. Yes, I’m delighted for the joyous journey that may be ahead of you, but am also heartbroken at the possible loss for me and for so many. There will simply be noticeably and considerably less light on this planet if you ever move on, and all of us will feel that sadly and deeply. You are the most genuine person that I have ever met—seriously—and I have met quite a few. I know your own humility would not allow you accept that, but do allow me this opinion, because I do mean it—and I’m a fairly bright man. I don’t know how much any of us will be able to go with you on the coming adventure, but I do know that a good deal of you will remain reflected in all of us. You make such a profound and indelible impact on so many—certainly including me—and I thank you enormously for being here, for attending to us all, for caring for us all, and for helping to save each and every one of us.

    I’m sure right now that you are working to let go of the “famous teacher” and rest even more fully in the Divine Presence, but I just wanted you to know that it was exactly that Presence that you present to each and every one of us, that you show to us, that you share with us, and that you freely give to each and all who are fortunate enough to know you. There are few souls I can think of that are as truly, integrally, authentically engaged as you. And humanity as a whole is just that much closer to a genuine realization of Spirit because of you. Bless you, bless you, bless you, my friend—You have helped me in my life more than you will ever know.

    8/29/2018 - Rebecca J. - 5 stars As much as there is a waiting period for outcomes and sometimes timing can be tricky, Lilly sees the final outcome so very clearly EVERY TIME, time-frames included. I recently went back over eight years or so of readings with her and there was at least a 97% accuracy rate. This latest negative situation she saw way before I even knew what was about to happen... and when I go back to review Lilly's readings from four years up to 6 months ago (and some current) I can see for myself that she very much sees the situations, emotions and correct answers to my most pressing questions. I was performing a mental check list for the past 8 or so years of readings - reading correct? Check. Timing correct? Check. I will always be back!

    8/29/2018 - Grace C. - 5 stars  The best part of reading with Lilly for me is always hearing the truth! Measurable, proven truth. No.. I did NOT hear what I wanted to hear. I also learned desire to live in the today, not in the recriminations of the past or of of the future. The single most valuable thing in my reading with Lilly for me was constant affirmation by a person who did not have a vested interest in the outcome. This was an amazing experience for me: the whole thing, working with someone I don't know, to help change my life 110% for the better. Thank you for your free Newsletter that is a treat to me! And that led me to you. Thank you also for responding to my emails for clarity; for teaching me about patience; for encouraging me to create my own spirituality and for wanting to work with me. And always answering the phone for the past 12 years! ~ Blessed Be, Grace

    6/4/2018 - Robert M. - 5 stars  Lilly is best of the best. She is always on point. In the past 9 years, all but 1 of her predictions came true and that's becasue I wrecked my car before I coudl actually sell it. Lilly reads people in your life like book. I love talking with Lilly. I like her reading style. I really like her because always give her a hard time and she never blocks me. Lilly is an angel.

    12/25/2011 - Paola Simonetti - 5 stars I had some concerns with one of my best friends, my business partner, and my professional golf partner – my brother who passed away. I have never heard of a reading, never done anything like this before and was extremely skeptical about it. I had never considered anything like this before but because Lilly came so highly recommended, I reached out. She not only connected with my brother, she was able to connect with one my best dogs too! During the reading Lilly gave me, she said some things that only I knew and my brother knew. There was no way she could have known about details she saw about my dog, the bells I put on him and memories about my brother and I in college. This reading was phenomenal, off the charts! I am now a true believer in you and a true believer in what you do. Thank you very much for this reading. I am very much at peace with a lot of things now.

    3/8/2017 - Jessica V. - 5 stars  My cat went missing early March. I was devastated and didn’t even know where to start. I called Lilly immediately because of her reviews. I was amazed by Lilly's talent and compassion. My heart told me I had to get in touch with her. Immediately after connecting with her through Whispy.com, a sense of calm came over me. All of a sudden, she said she started smelling vanilla. That is the only scent I have in my house! It was just the validation I needed to know she was sensing my environment. After giving details of my cats personality and markings, Lilly then told me that she saw her 2 houses down, to the right. I was stunned she could be so specific. I immediately went there and asked if they had ever seen my cat to which at that time they hadn't. Two months went by with no word from anyone in my neighborhood and I almost lost hope. All of a sudden, almost exactly 2 months to the day she went missing, my neighbor, 2 HOUSES DOWN TO THE RIGHT texted me to say they found my cat! The connection Lilly has with animals is undeniable. Her gift is beyond words and has given me so much healing in my life. Not only does she connect with your pet, but she really cares. Since then, she's checked up on us to see how we are and is so genuinely ecstatic that we were reunited. I’ve been to many psychics, and no one has been as specific and spot on as Lilly. I can’t thank her enough for sharing her amazing abilities. She has helped me heal in so many ways. I recommend Lilly to everyone. She has been such a blessing in our lives since then...

    4/20/2017 - Jill Larson - 5 stars I have come to believe over the past 15 years that Lilly is one of the truest spiritual teachers and healers that I have EVER met. Lilly works the deep material that, when cleared and transformed, actually expands my spiritual lens. Many modern spiritual teachers/psychics are bypassing the very material that must be deeply owned and worked through before sustainable transformation can happen. Lilly has such a deep and courageous understanding of the relationship between transformation of the emotional body and the awakening of the spiritual, or what I call, the 'spirited body'. Her readings always bring me back into the moment in ways that no 'psychic' I have ever witnessed could, because she has the guts to get right into the heart of the people she works with. No soft touch approaches, no cosmic bandaids, no simplistic affirmations as substitutes for the real work. She intuitively understands that there can be no 'presence', no 'nowness', no integrated experience of non-duality if one's consciousness is still locked into the unresolved past. We are confusing transcendence addiction with spiritual maturation in the western world. Working the guts of the Being is the key to sustainable transformation. Thank you Lilly for ALWAYS being there. You are truly an Earth Angel.

    2/14/2016 - Abby Strohm - 5 stars Lilly is an authentic psychic medium and healer who brings peace, harmony, love and wellness to my world. It is rare to find a psychic who delivers so much detailed information with such a high degree of accuracy. Because she has such a kind and empathetic nature she is able to connect with divine beings of a very high level of wisdom. The information brought forth is always profoundly healing. I am honored to know and have worked with her for over 14 years.

    9/16/2016 - Liza Wiley - 5 stars I squandered a small fortune trying to find a real psychic on other psychic sites. I wish I had found you first. Wow! You are the real deal.

    7/26/2016 - Amber Johnson - 5 stars The most personal and profound phychic reading I have ever had... ALWAYS a level of accuracy and insight that shakes me to my core. I honestly believe you offer the ONLY accurate and credible readings. I am not only a satisfied customer but an extremely loyal one--for the past 10 years. Always a positive experience! You are to be commended 100x over.

    5/26/2015 - someonewhocares - 5 stars I have been a client of Psychic Lilly for almost 5 years and because of Lilly, I will be able to meet my creator, probably before this year is out, with my head held high and my heart light and full of love for the next life. I am dying of aids and regret I cannot use my born name as I am a well known entertainer. It is important for me, finally after all of these years, to leave some last words for Lilly's clients and clients to be. Lilly is Love. Embracing the attributes of what Lilly represents, she has joyfully accepted her calling and has made the last years of my life heaven itself. Today and forever, to me, she stands as Lilly, daughter of promise, reflection of wisdom, knowledge, compassion and understanding. Contagious greatness is what she brings, extreme inspirations is what she leaves, unconditional love is what she gives, and profound truth is who she is. Bless you Lilly. I will be looking for you on the other side.

    3/18/2015- Owenbillings - 5 stars Lilly's work with me has opened up vast worlds of feeling, intimacy and power I didn't know I could access. She is pure, unadulterated joy and magic in motion! She leads you by vocalizing and writing into the back "alleys" of your spiritual psyche and along the way ... you find delightful pieces of your SELF you never realized existed! The commitment she makes to living her work is a true inspiration; in that sense, she is the consummate teacher. Her willingness to plumb the depths of being, with heart and compassion, is a gift that keeps on opening.

    9/18/2014 - John - 5 stars Lilly combines many aspects of spiritual readings into helping her clients reach their goals. She is extremely supportive, makes difficult problems less difficult, and most important to me, she's a genuine, caring person with compassion a great sense of humor.

    9/11/2014 - urusala - 5 stars The best part of reading with Lilly for me was the truth! Measurable, proven truth. No .. I did NOT hear what I wanted to hear. But I really enjoyed her sense of humor and pure, realistic take on life. What I got out of this reading was an ability to recognize when I am retreat out of fear of situation or fear of a supposed situation. I also learned desire to live in the today, not in the recriminations of the past or of of the future. The single most valuable thing in my reading with Lilly for me was constant affirmation by a person who did not have a vested interest in the outcome. This was an amazing experience for me: the whole thing, working with someone I don't know, to help change my life. Thank you, for your free Newsletter that is a treat to me! and that led me to you. Thank you also for responding to my emails when you are ill; for teaching me about body movements; for encouraging me to create my own spirituality and for wanting to work with me. And always answering the phone!

    9/5/2014 - melissapowell33 - 5 stars Lilly is helping me remove the blinders from my eyes and learn to see the world with my heart -- in all its infinite possibilities and its glorious magic-- in entirely new and fulfilling ways. I am moving beyond, by going within. She doesn't tell me the answers...Oh, how I wish there were simple ones! Instead, she "fills in the "blanks" and asks questions that send me beyond my limiting assessment of myself. As my advisor/mentor/coach, Lilly is holding the fragile, emerging butterfly that is the New Me gently in her hands, until my wings are strong enough fly on my own. She doesn't encourage dependency; instead, she lends me belief in myself that is all too often absent. Her confidence in me gives confidence in myself, enabling me to dream more, question more, hold more and live in the now.

    8/3/2014 - moondance66 - 5 stars Any car for the most part can get you from point A to point B, but there's something to be said for driving a top of the line Mercedes; which is the analogy I would use for stopping in (when you can catch a spot) on Lilly's stellar transport. She is so love-able... her analysis deep; and the wisdom seems to tele-transport to the caller, raining down like magical fairy dust. Worth the wait, and a wait it is!

    8/3/2013 - Rhiannon1223 - 5 stars We were disconnected in the middle of our appointment call, but even in light of the technical difficulties, Lilly is still a must call. Regardless of how many clients she has, she never misses a beat. I don't know how she does it, but she remembers each of us and our situations as if she's know us forever and talks to us every day. She always merits more than five stars, as far as any of us is concerned!

    7/5/2013- Janie Greenwood - 5 stars What can I say that hasn't already been said by everyone else. No wonder why Lilly's line is so long!!!!!! It was very hard to reach Lilly and at first it was quite frustrating. I waited almost a month to speak with Lilly again BUT Oh My God was it worth every minute of my wait!!!!! Before calling Lilly I had been going through a divorce, depressed, crying, not knowing what to do, now I am full of life happy, and content with life and my decisions, and my marriage was saved thanks to Lilly's counsel. I spent much money on Keen ( thousands of dollars) , when I was in a weak and vulnerable moment of my life -- calling Psychics on Keen ( and elsewhere) that preyed on my grief, troubles or dilemmas, and that feed me crap to keep you calling back again and again. I found NO gimmicks with Lilly. Just honest compassionate guidance. And Accurate WoW! She has been 100% accurate with my predictions over the past 4 years - and in HONEST time frames, too. She obviously doesn't need to lie and make up stories like some do to keep you calling back - she's way too busy in the fist place! My final outcome got "jockeyed" around due to some deaths in both families, and stupid decisions on other's parts ( freewill sucks!) but in the end I got where I wanted to go - lovingly, gracefully, and with allot of soul, I might add. I am a better person to myself and to others, for having spoken and gotten to know Lilly. Do yourself a favor folks and don't miss out on this precious angel. Even if it's for 5 or 10 minutes, it will change your life.

    6/18/2013 - Steven Melrose - 5 stars No wonder why Lilly's line is so long ...she is amazing! I asked her questions and she didn't get longwinded and talk in circles.. instead she gave direct answers. I don't get a chance to call you all the time because of your long line but thank you for being so consistent and honest with your readings. Thank you for your insight. Without saying a word you understood my past. But I really look forward to the future as you have told me too. You have told me things nobody could possibly guess.

    5/24/2013 - Gini544 - 5 stars Thank you for the wonderful email reading, Lilly. It took exactly 5 days but well worth the wait and much more than expected I must say! You're not kidding when you say "detailed and extensive" email readings - that sure is what you get and then some! 11 pages later ... lol, and it is wonderful to go back to it and reference, as what you've seen keeps unfolding. I've wasted hundreds of dollars on bogus email readings on the Internet that could pertain to anybody, much like a newspaper horoscope. The one I received from Lilly, couldn't have been more personally on target. I made the changes. I got the man. It was that simple after understanding him. Thanks again Lilly

    5/12/2012 - SaraM - 5 stars Lilly has been my advisor for almost two years now and has never been wrong except for timeframes which have all been within 4 months anyhow! Thank you Lilly!!! I got the job as you said I would, and since then, my personal life has taken off, again, as you told me if I pressed forward with my career first - it would do just that =) 18 months was worth the wait after all with him. I received my long awaited proposal and a diamond cut exactly the way you described, on My birthday last week. And to think I called you nuts! I'd not have been patient if it hadn't been for you. Thank you for my future, Lilly, and for unfolding it for me before my very own eyes. I had the power all along. Love, Anne

    4/15/2012 - Mary H. - 5 stars I can't say enough about Lilly. Lilly puts to rest the assumption that physics are false or for entertainment only. Yes it's fun to get a reading but Lilly gives you insight into things that are already within you that haven't been discovered yet. She helped to clarify the parts of my life that I have been hiding out of fear. She was so generous with her time and I didn't at any time feel she was just regurgitating the same thing she might have said to another client. It was more than a reading it was a reminder of the spiritual aspects of my life that I have been neglecting.

    3/7/2012 - Lisa Sherman - 5 stars It took me 100 readings on Keen to find Lilly. I took a chance, and contacted her, and I was completely blown away by her ability. I believe that a lot of psychics tell you what you want to hear, or give you dates, knowing that you'll call them back (and spend more money) when it doesn't pan out (I've fallen into this trap, myself). Lilly gives the truth in a very compassionate way. You will know in your heart - even if it's unpleasant - that she's telling the truth. She's very gifted and honest. I don't want a sugarcoated reading, then again I don't appreciate a reader who primarily expounds at length on the negative of a situation without understanding the persons involved. She does NEITHER. I repeat NEITHER

    1/24/2012 - someoneinlove - 5 stars In the world of skepticism surrounding psychics, where you have to be super careful not to put your trust into fake predictions given by even more fake people, this is the one advisor who never compromises her integrity to make anyone feel better. This is not to say that her readings are negative in any shape or form either. They're just REAL, true, and accurate. When you call Lilly, you will never be fed with any nonsense, neither will you be judged or criticized. She WILL tell you someone's exact thoughts and motives. Then you will proceed by dropping your jaw on the floor when the person in question validates the reading in his/her words or actions.

    12/11/2011 - 07725620 - 5 stars I am so glad I called Lilly (first time). I've been using Keen for years and have no idea why I've overlooked calling her before. Yes I do! it was the line of people waiting to speak with her- so DONT let that stop you!!!!!!!There was a LOT of (scary) truth in what she told me. I believe every word of it - it ALL makes sense. I love my boyfriend but I believe he has a serious problem. I will be there for support if he's ready to accept the challenge of making himself stronger. Otherwise, I can't deprive myself of happiness if he continues on the path he's on... Lilly , you will definitely hear from me again.. hopefully with good news! Thanks & Happy Holidays.

    11/28/2011 - simon42 - 5 stars Lilly is BEYOND gifted and amazing. She is the ONLY psychic who has been 100% accurate. You *must* write everything down to the littlest detail. Some of the things she foresees may come 6 months down the road, or it may come the day after, like it has both happened for me. The point is, they ALL happen either way! I am SO glad to finally have my way of calling you again...you are the only person I'd make efforts to call on Keen, after your proven stunning accuracy & generosity. LOVE YA Lilly, sorry we couldn't talk further...had so many questions, and so little time! LOL God bless you!

    11/011/2011 - amy cintas - 5 stars i must've studied your homepage for 8 months now. i have never talked to a female advisor and decided that i would call you today, and i am glad that i did. you were indeed fast, accurate, compassionate, truthful, sincere, and definitely had my undivided attention. you have helped to open my eyes and make proceed to walk in the right direction. the advice was warm and welcoming. i thank you for sharing your gift with me. much appreciation on what you expressed on your homepage, everything stated was taken to heart. peace and blessings to you always. 5*s tenfold to you.

    11/06/2011 - JamieLove22 - 5 stars WOW your are amazing and the most accurate psychic I have found! you picked up on everything i wanted to know and helped me see that I've wasted my time with man and he isn't my soul mate, (I felt this) and I should stay calm & open to new relationships and to have FUN! every psychic I called before TELL ME THINGS TO HUMOR ME, SUGAR COAT IT, ask me
    the questions before the reading & keep me on the phone, you are very sincere and direct to the the point that I wanted to talk longer but I didn't get my direct deposit in my bank account, I will defiantly call you again and again! and every one should call. I'M SO GLAD I FOUND YOU TONIGHT!!!!!!!!

    10/15/2011 - 2235632 - 5 stars Lilly has given me much guidance and support at a time when I've needed it. Now things are blossoming in the right direction. Thank you so much for all the work that you have performed for me, not only for the work but also for the guidance and kindness shown. I have just been offered my dream job and I truly believe that it would not have happened without your help. I am truly grateful. Everything that you said in my reading was 100% accurate. Events that I had no idea were happening or about to happen have in fact happened! I have tried other practitioners with no success, your work just amazes me. I have recommended her to several friends who have all appreciated much needed information.

    10/04/2011 - cindyq2 - 5 stars I have had a number of readings from you, and I have found with each one that I receive strength, guidance, and trust. I am finding new courage to believe in myself, to pursue my dreams, and it is with your help, understanding, and insight that helps make all this possible. I hope that many more people put their faith in you, for you are a very special and gifted person. May you continue your good work for many years to come. Thank you again for your help, it is very much appreciated. - Cindy

    09/12/2011 - jomachine - 5 stars I have been bugging Lilly for a long time telling her no way can this prediction be true! Over and over again, I've been telling her she must be wrong, but guess what. To my amazement, things she told me months ago are starting to happen. This women is AMAZING!!!! Lilly, thanks to you, I stuck in there and things are beginning to fall into place. Thank you for all your help. ps. I'm excited about the work prospect you suggested. I'll let u know how it goes.

    08/1/2010 - 5764839 - 5 stars This lady is absolutely wonderful and truly gets involved with your concern. She takes her time with you and gives you straight answers. She is as good as one can get and I would certainly recommend her. Her fee too is reasonable so that her helpful God-given gift of service is truly given - even if you spend an hour, you at least walk away feeling blessed; her gift is given in "giving" not in a manner of greedy "take-in" like some others that want to charge high up because they have not mastered their own humility. When God gives a gift, it is not to serve the "selfish ego and pride that goes with the greed for money and recognition" because the gift then, tends to get perverted and no longer "serves" how God wants to use the gift thru the medium. These types of gifts are precious and extremely watched over by the Eye of God and pridefulness simply will not be able to serve Him who gave it in the manner that God wants - to serve His purpose. So if you have something on your mind and need to find one of God's true ministering angels on earth, then ask Lilly

    07/8/2010 - whycantihelp - 5 stars I am in awe. I am humbled. I am finally seeing the light. I now take the first step in the positive path. All with your empowering guidance. I didn't have to utter many questions today, you were in my head reading my list of concerns. I am now finally listening (I'm stubborn). You have provided the mental & emotional ammunition I need to move forward & hold steadfast. No matter how much I resist & say "ah whatever" you consistently lead me to him & his energy. I now believe that maybe as you say "everyone makes big boo boos" & give him a chance to prove his love. We all have to pay karmic debts. I know the job is there waiting. As G always tells me & I pass on 2 u "YOU

    06/22/2010 - cin34 - 5 stars I had last spoken to Lilly about a year and a half ago. She told me how something was going to happen and I thought that going by the man in question's personality, there was NO way he would react in that manner. I hung up thinking she was just blowing sunshine my way. Well, it has come to pass and Lilly was RIGHT, he acted EXACTLY the way she had described and I would have bet anything that she would have been wrong. Excellent reader!

    05/16/2010 - Personal and Career Coach - 5 stars Lilly, thank you for your amazing compassion, kindness and warmth. You share your gifts so generously and impart wisdom to guide, understand and nurture in the most difficult situations. Your insight, integrity and professionalism are greatly appreciated. You are a blessing, gifted and genuine.

    05/15/2009 - Rhiannon1223 - 5 stars Lilly is so amazingly accurate and spiritual. Every conversation with her is a complete joy, whether you are hearing what you want to hear or not!

    05/12/2009 - mm1829 - 5 stars Lilly always remembers the details of who or what you called about the last time. Even after several weeks! She is very good on cueing in on what's happened without providing any new information. She just jumps right in like she's been watching the whole time. I have to admit, it freaks me out a little. She provides just enough information to the point that you are just a little freaked out. Trust me though; she knows what's been going on. She just doesn't want to scare you off by blurting out too much info. ;) She is the best psychic on Keen, providing me, at least, with the most information. Information that appears to be developing as she said it would. Thanks!

    04/1/2009 - princesskathleen - 5 stars Thanks so much for guidance as always; you are a treasure in my life; Lilly is so truthful and holds back no punches good or bad; call her for an honest, truthful, and compassionate reading.

    03/29/2008 - LibraGirl65 - 5 stars Lily, you are such an inspiration to talk to - I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to share my life situations with you. I can see why so many callers make it a point to wait in order to talk to you. So far you accuracy has been impeccable - everything that you said would happen has happened. Lily is the BEST PSYCHIC on Keen - In my book she is #1. I consider her not only an advisor, but a friend. Lilly, thanks for being such a good friend & GOD BLESS YOU always.

    03/17/2008 - seekinglil - 5 stars SUPERB, OUTSTANDING, PHENOMENAL. Lilly is BY FAR #1 in my book -- and having tried over 200 readers on Keen and on Live Advice, that is quite the compliment. She is THE REAL DEAL. Truly gifted, clear, on point and dead-on accurate. She is also loving, warm, funny, spiritual and generous with her time & prayers. What more could you ask? Thank you sweetie -- you are always there for me and comforting:)

    03/21/2008 - Regina440 - 5 stars Lilly was excellent. She was quick and to the point and very compassionate. She also followed up with an in depth email that was most helpful. She is the only one that has any integrity that I've experienced. She is passionate about her work and helping others. I will call her again, and follow up via email. Thank you Lilly.

    03/21/2007 - Cassidy4640 - 5 stars Well folks this was my 1st time calling Lilly & I must say is just WOW. I only had one question & she started reading for me right away; she then asked about an ex & my job (2 opportunities coming up for me). She said I met my soul mate and asked one question about my health. You are phenomenal - very gifted I must say. Everything she said or asked gave chills up my spine due to fact she was dead on target. Call her and trust me when I say you will get an out of body experience on what she sees for you. I promise you won't be disappointed. God Bless Lilly & yes I will email you & keep you informed. Thanks again for your wisdom!

    03/21/2007 - Vero1968 - 5 stars WOW! She is FANTASTIC! I AM AMAZED! SHE EVEN KNEW MY NAME! I HAVE NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE WHAT A FANTASTIC READING I JUST RECEIVED! EXTREMELY PROFESSIONAL, STRAIGHT TO THE POINT, I JUST FOUND THE BEST ADVISOR IN KEEN AND IT IS HER. And on top of it, she really cares about you. Again, I am AMAZED. Thank you so much! I will email you and let you know how things go.

    03/19/2008 - Karen21975 - 5 stars Lilly you are the BEST, Lilly is like my Guardian Angel everything thing that she tells me always comes true and she is always soooo honest and understanding, well before I can even say Hi she says HI Karen, just a truly special gifted person :) Trust me Lilly is the BEST talk to her and you will understand what I mean. Thanks for always thinking about me Lilly I will be in touch soon. Pray for PEACE everyone and that our Country and all of the Men and Woman fighting the War will come home safely and we will live in peace with everyone the way life should be :) Thanks Lilly Big Hugs Karen :)

    03/19/2007 - Bounrattanapasong - 5 stars She is so great! She helps you focus on what is REALLY going on in your head even if you don't realize it at the time. Very accurate! You will not feel like your wasting your time or money with Lilly. Worth every penny!

    03/18/2007 - princesskathleen - 5 stars Lilly just continues to be the best there is. I cannot begin to describe the extent that she has helped me develop spiritually. She has been there for me to help hone those spiritual skills and beliefs. She is just wonderful and a dear friend.

    07/09/2007 - jlslowry78 - 5 stars Well, for all of you who want to know if Lilly really can predict the future, the answer is YES! She will not lead you astray or down the wrong path no matter how difficult things may seem. I have been with Lilly for almost a year and she has helped to make one of my most difficult years into one of great learning, hope and inspiration... And....she never mislead me. I am very happy and excited to say that the wait and determination has been worth every long, hard second because my dream is coming true as I write this. I thank Lilly a million stars over for her generous love and patience with me.

    06/30/2007 - c123456 - 5 stars I am astounded at Lilly's abilities and accuracy. During my call Lilly described to me my spiritual guides including appearances, scents, names and personalities. In addition she was able to validate that one of my guides gets my attention by dropping things, misplacing things and making noise. I know she was accurate because I know their names, see, smell and hear them as well. No other psychic has described them in such accurate detail to me. She also picked up on my children. She stated that both are highly creative, and one would have a career in music the other with drawing. This is so true. My daughter is musically talented and my son just received an award for his artwork.

    06/27/2007 - c123456 - 5 stars I am speechless...I gave my name and she jumped right in....I know that I am talking to a real psychic when that happens...all assessments were accurate and no sugar coating...in addition she even offered to answer additional questions that I may have via email...what a true person...really a great call....

    06/25/2009 - Mikela17 - 5 stars On Saturday evening, I called Lily about my relationship, and she rattled off something that didn't make sense to me.. lo and behold, she told me something that had happened that day to my boyfriend, word for word what my boyfriend told me the next day.. the accuracy of this woman is amazing.. the predictions are so amazing...they are all happening exactly like she said.. Lily also told me that I would get a new job mid July, well, I got a call today for a job, that would start mid July...how's that for accuracy...I love this woman!!! Thanks Lily

    04/28/2007 - Mystery3513 - 5 stars Lilly, you truly are a God-Send. You've always been there for me from day one and have never wavered from your predictions even though free will got in the way and at times looked bleak ... but yet you still have the same outcome and have always given me the faith and encouragement to keep me going. Thank You for being such a dear friend and just being YOU - a true Angel !! Keen Member .. read no further .. Lilly is true to her words .. she gives you nothing but the honest truth, she' sincere, caring and will never lead you astray .... Give her a call and you'll have the answers you seek... Thanks Lilly and as always Take Care and God Bless You ... M

    04/23/2007 - Member 207155 - 5 stars Wow! What a shot of sunlight this lady is! Burrowed into the heart of the matter like a jet-powered boll weevil... I appreciate that kind of efficiency from a psychic who knows not only the facts, but also, how hard I work for my money!!! YOU BET I will call her again! Grazie, Lilly!

    04/16/2007 - Rianna37 - 5 stars Absolutely the best psychic that I have spoken to so far...and I have spoken to many !! I was able to get a clear understanding of my situation and I really felt like I connected to her which is very important in a reading. She is really easy to talk to. She is a very open and warm person. She gave me a lot of great details and gave me a very in-depth reading. I will definitely call her again. She is better than many of the top readers including Lady Celest. I am so glad I called her !! Thank you Lily for a wonderful reading !!

    04/15/2007 - LCRoman - 5 stars I don't know what I'd do without you, Lilly. You were right...he has called. And I have to stand back and see if the sincerity is there. If he truly wants to correct the wrongs he's done, he'll be patient. Thank you for being there. Many blessing to you.

    02/19/2007 - julielibra - 5 stars Thank you, Lilly, for your accuracy, kindness and compassion. You are truly amazing. In my last reading with you, you had predicted that I would see him again just right after Valentine's Day. I saw him on Feb. 15th. Things are moving right on par just like you said. I will continue to keep you posted; you have a loyal client in me. :) God Bless you & take care, Julie

    02/18/2007 - LCRoman - 5 stars I can't say enough about Lilly. She's been such a wonderful guide during this period in my life...without it I don't know if I could have found the strength to face it all. Thank you again Lilly. We'll see what the next three weeks hold...I'm a little scared though, because even though he caused me such great pain, deep down I still want to hear from him. In a way, I hope you are wrong, but you haven't been. At least I know you'll be there.

    11/9/2007 - wwkolson - - 5 stars Hey all you doubters....Lilly is the genuine article. Not only does she sincerely express a concern for you - she is right on the money. And believe me - my feet are planted firmly on the ground so I didn't really think any one person in this world could see my circumstances. Lilly told me that things would turn begin to turn around in my love relationship - and they are beginning to - gradually just as she said. I also asked what the future held in areas besides my love life. "You will see a promotion. It will be at the same company, but in a higher level position." (I am paraphrasing here of course) Now - just days later the position I have worked so hard to reach is mine just as she said. Don't doubt this person. She will help you - believe me!!!!! I have seen it.......thanks Lilly for your enlightenment.

    10/30/2007 - Lori H. Bayless - - 5 stars What can I say about Lilly? She is an angel, a gift and a treasure. If you want someone who is down to earth but connected above, call her. And another thing, do you know she even does calls when she's on dialysis? You can't tell she's even feeling low because she's so upbeat. Also, she's donating her proceeds to the NY ASPCA and Sept 11 fund, what an angel. All this, plus three kids, plus she volunteered in New York herself. Believe me, if she can handle all that, she can help you handle whatever you've got. Love and Godspeed to you Lilly, xxx ooo Lori

    10/30/2006 - pmkf - 5 stars Absolutely wonderful. I will tell everyone, call Lilly. She will advise, comfort, console and guide you. You won't be deceived or lead wrongly and you certainly won't be kept on the line just so she can make money. This woman is the most honest advisor I have ever met. Call, make this the best day ever. Blessings Lilly.

    10/23/2006 - Lance Dubios - 5 stars This is one of the greatest speakers on Keen that I have talked to. I really hope that everyone gives her a call. I think that you will find that this is one of only the best. Lance

    10/23/2001 - pmkf - 5 stars If you close your eyes and picture an angel, the face you see will be Lilly. Lilly has the faith and strength of an army. Her insight into difficulties is amazing. Lilly will tell you the truth and if there are barriers in sight, she will help you find a way around them. Call Lilly if you want to speak to a true psychic and angel:)

    10/23/2006 - Rolf Boll - 5 stars Lilly is really great!! She goes beyond just readings and takes a sincere and caring interest in my situation. She can accurately read the situation and circumstances and give good insights and direction. I strongly suggest that you give Lilly a call. I spoke with 5 other psychics that were within the top 12 at Keen and none of them were as accurate, sincere and caring. Thanks Lilly and God Bless

    10/19/2006 - jcsala - 5 stars Once again, Lilly C has been very helpful to me in charting a direction for my future. In answering your questions she is direct and to the point. There is no vagueness in what she has to tell you. She is friendly while remaining completely professional. There is no feeling that she is trying to keep you on the line in order to run your charges up. Lilly C is right for me and I think others will be just as satisfied.

    10/19/2006 - Cowboy Creative - 5 stars Lilly C has been incredible. And remarkably consistent in what she has said. She's so patient, calming, and supportive. Yet she didn't say what I was wanting to hear. What she said was better. Thanks, Lilly. You're the best.

    4/3/2006 - Lois54 - 5 stars It was sincerely my pleasure speaking with Lilly C. She is a very gifted individual. She gave me the sense that I had connected with a friend who was sincere and concerned about my issues. My life is very pleasant and problem free, but I have my insecurities and rocky moments which now I feel were just stepping stones to better things ahead. Lilly C, I thank you and will be calling you again, and again. I just enjoy talking to you, hearing your voice is comforting. I appreciated your guidance, I appreciate the honesty. I recommend you highly. I will place you in my prayers. Thank you. Love Lois

    8/7/2006 - Karen Green36 - 5 stars Thanks Lilly C, have been using her for 5 months call 2 x's a month... she is well worth the call, make it! she doesn't keep you on the phone she is direct and clear with her answers, She also has a kind voice, that relaxes you, an you are comfortable talking to her She doesn't judge, or make you feel uncomfortable at all, She is a professional, and an asset to the profession, Thank you, Lilly. Its my pleasure to write feed back for others whom have not made a call to her, do your self the favor and call Lilly!

    6/15/2006 - kcsunshyn - 5 stars I'm quite honestly speechless.....not allot of information was needed to be given either way, but the calming reassurance that came over the line was incredible and priceless! I love Celeste and Jeannie, Lilly ranks right up there with them, a little different in manner, but just as effective. Thank you Lilly!

    7/26/2006 - stitesers1 - 5 stars Lilly was awesome! She was so compassionate, her tone of voice put you at ease and her mannerism was a godsend. She told me what I didn't want to hear about a special friend, but was completely right on about the situation. She told me that the man in my life (or should I say not in my life right now) would come back and that we were soul mates. All the information she gave me was right on with others I have spoken with, but she was much more compassionate about the situation at hand. I speak to 2 physics on Keen and Lilly will now be added to the list of people I trust. I know she was truthful. You will not feel like you wasted your time with her.

    8/2/2006 - Member 886074 - 5 starsLilly is a wonderful person to speak with, and really knows how to make a person feel good. But, she also tells it to you straight, she will not tell you what you want to hear, she tells you what you need to know.

    7/26/2006 - cyndig11 - 5 starsLily is wonderful! Incredibly intuitive, so kind & caring! She is one of my top 3 KEEN speakers. I can't guarantee you won't be disappointed, as she is extremely honest, but I encourage her vision if you want true answers...both in hindsight & foresight, good or bad.

    8/6/2006 - ReallyMe69 - 5 starsI was very hesitant to use this service, but I must say that I was very impressed with my reading and all that Lilly C had to say; very insightful, calming, and truthful. She is very personable and easy to talk to. I will definitely be in touch with her again. Thanks.

    1/28/2006 - laura456 - 5 stars I don't know where to begin so here goes.... I wish I could give her a 10 star rating...Lily was so accurate it is still amazing me. She gave details that no one could possibly guess- I have spoken to to others but this type of reading has never happened before. I felt a connection that is rare. Her accuracy is astounding (I've now said this twice). Even more her delivery was so thoughtful and honest. Even the bad news was well received by me. If +you want to speak to the real deal Lily is the one. Laura

    (this WONDERFUL FRIEND crossed over last summer ) May God Bless Her and Keep Her Always

    7/26/2006 - universal-light - 5 stars Lilly, you are such a joy! you are so warm and caring and positive! most definitely one of the BEST readers to be found online! I will be keeping in touch! thanks again dear! Love, Light, and Blessings to you! :) ~edie~

    4/3/2006 - truespirit98 - 5 stars Wow-Your spirit is so full of truth and love, thank you for sharing some wonderful news with me..I have been working so hard on myself the last 5 months and I cannot wait to share it all with my guy..yes my soulmate. I look forward to calling you with the good news. Bless you and thank you for sharing your gift with me!

    3/10/2006 - Financegirl - 5 stars Lilly C is fantasic! Very easy to talk to, and she nailed everything right on the head! I am a difficult individual to impress, and just after one conversation, she had me convinced. There is no way she could have known the things she did. She was wonderful, and I look forward to talking to her again, very soon. Give her a call, and you will see what I mean!

    2/20/2006- sunset6l8 - 5 stars I know I already wrote about Lilly, but I just wanted to add more. I have never called a psychic before and wasn't sure what to expect but she was so wonderful!! She definitely made it a good experience for me and am thoroughly impressed. My friend called someone right after me and it wasn't nearly as good. Lilly was very efficient and accurate in answering my questions and at the same time was very professional and polite. She answered more than I expected and knew more than I was even looking for. I am definitely calling her again!!!

    4/3/2005 - dtex24 - 5 stars She will give advice that is personally yours to take, it is not a generalization of any kind. she will always tell you what you need to know not what you want to hear or what other people say should be heard. just truth, honesty given to you with sincerity and kindness.

    4/3/2005 - sherilldee - 5 stars Lilly C was concise and right to the point. At some turning points in one's life it is hard to know if you are making the best choice especially when some one else's feelings are involved.... you want to be true to yourself but not be stubbornly selfish and unnecessarily hurt another. Many thanks for clarifying Lilly!

    4/3/2005 - Lady Chris - 5 stars Lilly is extremely helpful and very upfront. She will tell it like it is and be sure to keep your feelings in the forefront. Though we always hope for the best....she will tell you what she actually sees -- her word is the epitome of the truth! Thank you so Much Lilly!

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