• Relationship readings for singles and couples whether you are heterosexual, gay, lesbian, or bisexual--love is for everyone! Have you finally met your Soulmate? Is he cheating? Find out today with a psychic love reading!

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    • Learn more about your Spiritual path in this lifetime, where your destiny is leading you, and what spiritual help you are receiving from the other side to aid you on your journey. Discover who you really are at Soul level.

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    • Medical intuitive readings and energy healing sessions. Discover the root cause (the "why" and "how", the core imbalances) of your illness, disease, or emotional dissatisfaction with your life then learn how to heal them.

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    • Empathy run amuk

      September 20, 2017 | Blog
      Empathy run amuk

      Empathy is an interesting world, often mistaken for something quite different; unhealthy boundaries, and not knowing where we end and the other begins. I think of how often I remained connected to hurtful people when I was younger (and others to me, when I was hurtful) because I imagined myself empathic. And I was! But that didn’t mean that I had to endure their madness. Our empathic

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    • Spiritual maturity and emotional intelligence

      There are two ways that we respond to hurt and resentment that we experience in our material life. We either learn not to behave in a way that causes hurt to others as we know how it feels or we become bitter and do unto others the pain we experience, in exactly or worse way after careful panning and manipulation. The former lightens our own energy field and is a step toward spiritual maturity

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    • Aug


      Solar Eclipse Meditation

      Global meditation to unify our consciousness and enlighten the energy field around the planet.



      Puget Sound, WA Stargazing

      The highest point on Orcas Island, offers unparalleled dark skies over Puget Sound.



      Half Moon Bay Reiki Workshop

      Karuna Reiki and Usui Reiki Master; Level I, II and III, Quantum Touch Healing

    • Transformation and Change

      It's not a big deal to make mistakes, it's only a big deal to not learn from them. If we learn from them, they are no longer mistakes, they are reminders. Ego is often blind to this, but our souls crave the transformation and change. Being a heart based and soul based being allows humility, self - observation, expansion, growth and transcendence of artificial programmings, hidden agendas and

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      True Happiness

      March 15, 2016 | Blog | lilly
      True Happiness

      Through the years of experience, we learn true happiness can only be found within oneself; and when we open our hearts to the wonders of the Universe, it is only then that we can truly find peace and solace in our souls. I have bared witness to countless miracles and am a firm believer that everything in life happens for a reason. I have lost loved ones but have also gained faith and the discovery

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