• Relationship readings for singles and couples whether you are heterosexual, gay, lesbian, or bisexual--love is for everyone! Have you finally met your Soulmate? Is he cheating? Find out today with a psychic love reading!

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    • Learn more about your Spiritual path in this lifetime, where your destiny is leading you, and what spiritual help you are receiving from the other side to aid you on your journey. Discover who you really are at Soul level.

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    • Medical intuitive readings and energy healing sessions. Discover the root cause (the "why" and "how", the core imbalances) of your illness, disease, or emotional dissatisfaction with your life then learn how to heal them.

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    • Get help with career choices, money management, job searches, business or real estate deals. Job change or promotion coming up? Important interview? Identify your personal possibilities and potential!

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    • Spiritual immaturity

      One of the reasons that many spiritual teachers get away with illegalities, is because many of their followers (and sometimes other teachers who support them) have made the mistake of seeing human behavior as distinct from who we are as spiritual beings. In other words, you can be a 'realized master' no matter what terrible things you do. This 'convenient' split between spirituality and humanness

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    • The life that is meant to be yours and yours alone

      The life that is meant to be yours and yours alone is out there, but it sure  doesn’t care if you’re waiting around for it to come a-calling. It won’t. It’s not going to come looking for you like a parent after an itinerant child, to lead you by the hand and make you look left and look right and look left again as it guides you on your way. You won’t find it in

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    • Jul


      Crystal Mining Expedition

      Crystal Mining in Manitou Springs Colorado. Mineralogy of Pikes Peak's Aquamarine. 



      Puget Sound, WA Stargazing

      The highest point on Orcas Island, offers unparalleled dark skies over Puget Sound.



      Half Moon Bay Reiki Workshop

      Karuna Reiki and Usui Reiki Master; Level I, II and III, Quantum Touch Healing

    • Signs In Our Lives

      The synchronicities and signs in our lives, DO NOT make sense in the middle of the journey. We are entrusted to follow our instinct, our intuition, our "gut" from one to the next as if we are arranging puzzle pieces on a table with no idea of what picture they will make. But it is my solemn promise that in the end... If you follow the signs in your life, the picture of your life, your purpose and

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      We need to change

      I believe everyone acts according to what they truly believe is right, and much of that depends on the belief systems and societal conventions we’ve been raised with. We make choices in our lives that we think are true to ourselves, but are far more a product of the restrictions we’ve allowed to be placed in our lives without fully understanding them or even recognizing that

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